RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #8

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #8 at 7:30AM PDT on 11th June 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 12th June 2014 (EU).


  • Mech Week is back (Temporal Flux Promo Week). Dailies, Temporal Flux Rifts and Temporal Flux Vaults will be available from Thursday, 12th June 3:30PM Server Time (NA) (EU) until Thursday, 19th June 3:30PM ST (NA) (EU). [Guide: Temporal Flux Promo Week]
  • Max FPS – You can now limit your maximum Frames Per Second by typing “/maxfps” (without the quotation marks).
  • Players can now see location of quest givers for Promo Events on World Map.
  • Class Changes: Cleric Sentinel + Rogue Physician changes.
  • Raid Nerfs: All Tier 1 Raid Encounters’ enrage timers increased by 2 minutes. All tier 2 Raid Encounters’ enrage timers increased by 1 minute.
  • Tier 3: Bindings of Blood Changes – Akylios and Greenscale entrance portals in the Runic Athenaeum are now visible again. Other changes to Greenscale and Laethys encounters.
  • Various Tier 3 Raid DPS Relic items have been given stat boosts.


RIFT 2.7 Hot Fix #8 – 06/11/14


Temporal Flux returns! The planar Research Institute has reopened the Temporal Rifts. Players of level 30 and above can visit the PRI Representatives in Sanctum, Meridian, and Tempest Bay for daily quests and players of all levels can hunt for the Temporal Flux rifts throughout the world.

There’s even a new Temporal Flux Daily! Battling the Battlers: Defeat the final boss of a Temporal Flux rift.

Note: Mech Week begins at 3:30 PM server time on Thursday, June 12th, and ends the following Thursday, June 19th, at 3:30 PM server time.

* Last names no longer accept words that are considered profanity.
* Fixed a crash that could occur when entering warfronts.

* You can now use the new command “/maxfps” to limit your maximum frames per second.
* Fixed a problem with changing text colors in options causing it to sometimes change the wrong color options.
* Players can now see the locations of quest givers for Promotional events, such as Temporal Flux, on the world map.

* Zone Event: Unnatural Speciation: Reduced the Hellbug Fissure healing, health, and the respawn rate of adds.


* Fullness of Life: Can no longer crit.


* Viral Infection: Now triggers 100% of the time off of any Physician heal or absorb ability. Will not trigger off of Biofeedback.
* Emergency Response: Can no longer crit. It also cannot be affected by any +healing abilities, such as the Tactician gift or Palliative Care.
* Alternative Treatment: Now off Global Cooldown. Costs 10 energy. 8 second cooldown. It will still remove itself if the Rogue goes to 0 energy.

* Tier 1 Raid Encounters: All enrage timers have been increased by 2 minutes, reducing the DPS required for a kill.
* Tier 2 Raid Encounters: All enrage tmers have been increased by 1 minute, reducing the DPS required for a kill.

* The Portal for Akylios is now visible.

* The Portal for Greenscale is now visible.
* Greenscale will no longer target pets or random players in melee range during the final 25% of the fight.
* Noxious Bracken and Strangle Plant have had their aggro radius reduced to 1 meter and will immediately give up their pursuit of players.

* Annihilating Flar: No longer affected by Laethys’s enrage.
* Addressed an issue causing high latency players to be teleported out of Gold Piles.

* Several Tier 3 Raid DPS relic items have received a stat enhancement to aid you in your quest to defeat Maelforge and Laethys.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 11th JUNE 2014

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One Comment on “RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #8”

  1. tagain
    June 11, 2014 at 3:42 am #

    * You can now use the new command “/maxfps” to limit your maximum frames per second.

    Not sure if Trion is trolling…

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