Tip: Increasing Inventory Space

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Are you finding you’re constantly having to sort your bags or go back and forth between your Bank and your Inventory whilst farming? Perhaps you need to increase your bag space. But how?

  • Bag Slot Increase – up to 7.
  • Bag-specific Slot increase – up to 36-slots.
  • Re-arranging Items.

Bag Slot Increase

First up, you have up to 7 Bag Slots. Increasing your Bag Slots will considerably increase your bag space once you add a bag into those new Bag Slots.

Completely Free Players start off with 3 Bag Slots whilst those who previously owned (or uses) a Boxed copy of RIFT will have 5 Bag Slots to start off with.

Bag Slot increases cost 860 Credits (774 for Patrons).

Bag-Specific Slot Increase

There’s a whole bunch of different bags with different numbers of slots.

The highest bag slot you can have for crafting with the Outfitter craft profession is the 28-slot Empyrean Bag.

Other high-slot bags you can obtain above this amount include:

  • Purple-Tier Loyalty – ‘Satchel of Loyalty‘ 32-slot Bag
  • Red-Tier Loyalty – ‘Inconceivable Box‘ 36-slot Bag
  • Black-Tier Loyalty – ‘Bag of Infinite Possibilities‘ 36-slot Bag
  • Empyrean Knapsack‘ 32-slot Bag for 4k plat or 2,430 Credits in Rift Store -> Storage.
  • Bag of Innumerable Pockets‘ 36-slot Bag for 9,600 Warlord’s Marks + 16,200 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks or 4,050 Credits in Rift Store -> Storage.
  • Coal-Stained Backpack‘ 34-slot bag; rare chance drop from Dark Ice Bells from Fae Yule World Event (occurs in December each year).

The Loyalty-based Bags are available in your Claim Items areas of the Rift Store (top-right location of the Rift Store main page) once you have completed the associated tier for all existing and future characters on your account.

Re-Arranging Items

Re-arranging your items can help you save bag space without having to purchase anything.

Check your bags and ask yourself:

  • Do I need this in my inventory?
  • How often do I use this item? Can I put it in my bank, or even send to an alt?

Some examples of items you could send to your bank or mailed to an alt include:

  • Disguise Items; Bound on Account ones you rarely use could be sent to Alts.
  • General Interactive/Fluff Items. When you feel like using it, open up the bank, but otherwise most players won’t be using a ton of fluff/interactive items on a regular basis.
  • Upgrade Component Items that you are saving up. Say for example an item requires 3x Large Marauder’s Cells to upgrade and you have 2 of them in your inventory. You could place them in your bank until you have all 3.
  • Old gathering/crafting Materials. If there’s materials that you don’t use often and don’t gain often (say, because they are in the old Mathosia continent whilst you normally farm Storm Legion mats), they may be better off in your bank.
  • Scrolls and Lures that you may rarely use. If you feel like doing Great Hunts, Craft Rifts or other rifts that require Lures, put them in your inventory – otherwise they are better off in your bank when you feel like farming.

Hopefully this helps you save or add space to your inventory so you don’t have to use the bank or spend a lot of time organising your banks!

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One Comment on “Tip: Increasing Inventory Space”

  1. Darknesian
    June 12, 2014 at 4:53 am #

    I have taken to writing down on some IRL paper each crafting ingredient that I need, and at the end of every other day I look in my bags and sell off the ones that I don’t need. I used to hoard everything regardless until I started running out of space. Every time I gain a new level of crafting, I need to revise my list, because some items become grey.

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