News Tidbits: 13th June 2014

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A couple of news tidbits relating to RIFT for 13th June 2014:

  • RIFT F2P Anniversary Bonus: RIFT celebrates 1 year of Free-2-Play with the following bonuses that are active now and will last until 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, June 15th. [Source: Ocho]
    • 50% Bonus Normal Experience
    • 50% Bonus Planar Experience
    • 50% Bonus Guild Experience
    • 50% Bonus Prestige
    • 50% Bonus Favor
  • Livestream Summary: 13th June 2014 – Trion held a Rift Livestream today with information on a new Auction House UI with vastly improved functionality including price history charts, buy orders and better search features. [Find out more here]
  • 3.0 Information: Trion will announce some 3.0 information next week. It will be posted on the Rift Website. Keep an eye out!
  • Warrior Soul Changes:
    • Liberator Soul: Vladd is looking to increase the passive damage that Warrior’s Liberator soul dishes out via abilities or talents. [Source: Vladd]
    • Warlord Soul: The following changes will appear in the next PTS update: [Source: Vladd]
      • Battle Surge: Now a 48-pt root ability. Takes the place of Tactical Surge.
      • Tactical Surge: Now a 32-pt root ability. Takes the place of Battle Surge. No longer gives +5% healing. Now gives -5% ability cost.
      • Warlord’s reduced survivability will be addressed later.
    • Tempest Soul: Focused Fire will no longer be overwritten by other Tempests’ Focused Fire. [Source: Vladd]
    • Reaver Soul: Vladd posted on the PTS during today’s livestream stating that he is working on turning Warrior’s Reaver Soul into a DPS spec.
      Vladd on Reaver DPS 13th June 2014
  • Rogue’s Marksman Soul: Vladd is looking at idea for improving Marksman but is wary of any changes that would cause issues for the soul in PvP. You can PM him or post on the Rogue Discussion Forums if you have any suggestions. [Source: Vladd]

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