News Tidbits: 19th June 2014

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A couple of RIFT news tidbits for 19th June 2014;

  • Faratha would like to introduce a Dimension Item Lock feature, although it’s still at a ‘on-the-wishlist’ stage so no ETA and may not end up happening due to time commitments/etc. [r]
  • Custom Player Portraits – Gingers is looking to move the change-portrait option from the Settings and onto the right-click-portrait menu. This includes the Diamond icon gained from Rare Mobs achieve. [r] More potentially coming in the future. [r]
  • Shared Action Bars coming to the next PTS Update. Send feedback in the topic Gingers has created. (Note: most recent PTS update does not include the Shared Action Bars feature). [r]
  • Kervik to add some more of the Mage Stormcaller changes to PTS, including the following main changes: [r]
    • Reduced the damage of Icicle. This isn’t a large reduction, but I’ll keep an eye on how it impacts the various builds using it.
    • Reduced the damage bonus for Forked Lightning from Storm Armor to 150%.

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