PTS Update 19th July 2014 + Datamining

PTS Update General Feature Image

The PTS has been updated with a few changes. I’ve included TehFrank’s datamining here since there aren’t many new items to talk about.

  • Achievements -> Planes -> Nightmare has been updated from 585 achievement points to 1,185 points. However, there’s no achievements viewable (likely only closed beta testers can see them). These are for Nightmare Rifts coming in 3.0.

Datamining by TehFrank:

  • Some new aquatic-based UI icons.

Aquatic-based UI Icons

RIFT Aquatic Items Datamined

A couple of aquatic-based UI icons datamined by TehFrank. There’s so many of the same type that they couldn’t possibly be used for fishing since even RIFT’s Vanilla + Storm Legion combined doesn’t have that many varieties of the same icon used for fishing.

The other time when I recall they’ve used this many colors for the same icons would be for dimension items like the spiral trees. The jellyfish and angler fish icons could point to interactive or at least animated fish-type dimension items. The shells definitely seems to be more appropriately-aimed at dimension items.

That said, it isn’t too long before the annual Summerfest World Event (‘Late July’) so they may be related to those as well or to a future promo event.

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