RIFT Event Tracker by Matti@Brutwacht

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[Update 1st Jan 2015: Matti’s tracker has been shut down. Please refer to the RIFT Event Tracker article for a summary and links to currently active RIFT zone event trackers.]

Matti@Brutwacht has created a new RIFT Event Tracker that provides a very easy-to-use layout for all your zone event tracking needs.


He basically uses a grid layout for each cluster (EU #1, EU #2, US #1) which shows each shard as columns and each zone as rows.

  • You can select your cluster in the top-left hand corner.
  • You can select either English, German or French in the top-right hand corner.
  • Hovering over an active zone event will display further information including how long it has been active.
  • Color coding: All zones are white except Unstable Zone Events (Blue), Bloodfire Behemoth Events (Red) and Volan Events (Green).

The most amazing thing about this? It updates automatically so you don’t have to refresh the page – new zone events pop up on the screen and completed ones disappear.

Truly an amazing off-site zone event tracker! Click here to check it out!

Note: Make sure to enable javascript for the site.

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