RIFT 3.0 Behind the Scenes: Content by MikeD

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

RIFT Dev MikeD has made a post on the RIFT Forums talking about RIFT 3.0 Behind the Scenes: Content, explaining a bit about the content in the Plane of Water, “challenging the expected behavior of water”.

The most interesting tidbits below:

  • Most water-based activities are avoidable if you don’t want to do them. Only ~10% of quests require swimming.
  • “Whole oceans of water hover above dry land, deep glacial crevasses scar an entire zone, walls of water allow horizontal diving, and the coral formations across the Plane of Water create bridges to unexpected areas.”
  • Nightmare Rifts: In all zones; scale in difficulty with level, gear and skill; frenzies; powerups; randomly-generated stages.
  • Nightmare Coast dungeon in 2.8 putting the “narrative bridge” to 3.0 in Shimmersand.

The post itself is a very interesting read; check it out here!

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