New Porticulum Names + Minions Commands

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

TehFrank has dug up some new porticulum names as well as Minions commands related to RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide.

New Porticulum/Instance Names

  • Jtg_gharstationtau_sliver
  • tm_tg_gharstationtau_sliver_entrance
  • Jreturn_to_empyrean_core
  • tm_tg_porticulum_gharstationtau
  • tm_tg_porticulum_mountsharax
  • tm_tg_porticulum_octusmonastery
  • tm_tg_porticulum_portscuddra
  • tm_tg_porticulum_sigrunsfeast
  • tm_tg_porticulum_tarkenascent

These are on top of the other porticulum/instance names previously datamined:

  • tm_drh_porticulum_zeuxisdistrict
  • tm_drh_porticulum_marglepalace
  • tm_drh_porticulum_shadowscion
  • tm_drh_porticulum_tribulationsquare
  • tm_drh_porticulum_bottomtown
  • tm_drh_portscion_sliver_entrance
  • tm_drh_porticulum_geminibluffs
  • tm_drh_porticulum_gharstationrosh
  • tm_drh_porticulum_royalpalace
  • Instance – Citadel of Insanity
  • tm_gr_porticulum_luminouspassage
  • tm_gr_grotto_sliver_entrance
  • tm_gr_gyel_sliver_entrance
  • tm_gr_porticulum_atragarianwell
  • tm_gr_porticulum_gharstationmem
  • tm_gr_porticulum_templeofranri

From what we know, TG = Tarken Glacier zone; DRH = Draum Heim zone; GR = Goboro Reef zone.

  • Looking at the porticulum names, it seems that the ‘Ghar Stations’ will likely be one of the means of traveling between the zones since each zone has one station (Tarken Glacier = Tau; Draum Heim = Rosh; Goboro Reef = Mem).
  • Citadel of Insanity is a dungeon. (confirmed via Leaderboards on PTS.)
  • tm_gr_gyel_sliver_entrance suggests that Gyel Fortress (Goboro Reef Fortress) is likely a 10-man raid.
  • Looks like Ghar Station Tau is also a sliver – although this may indicate a quest instance rather than a raid.

There’s a fair few porticulums known to us now – it will be interesting to see whether the speculated 4th zone, Myrkur Depths is actually in the works or if the 3 zones are what is planned for Nightmare Tide.

And a few Minion Commands/Info

  • !MinionXP@Minions
  • !Attributes@Minions
  • !SlotsOpen@Minions
  • minionsTabMaster._AddMinions
  • minions.ClaimMission
  • minions.SelectTab
  • minions.HideMinionSelector
  • minions.AssignMinion
  • minions.HurryMission
  • minions.UnlockMissionSlot
  • $Select_A_Minion@UI

There’s a few things of note here:

  • !MinionXP@Minions – Looks like Minions get their own experience; probably from successfully completing missions.
  • minions.AssignMinion – You can assign a minion to a particular mission.
  • minions.HurryMission – This is interesting – is this perhaps a Cash Shop feature to quicken the time it takes for a mission to be completed; kind of like how Temporal Aligners quicken the opening of Temporal Flux Vaults and other time-delayed lockboxes?
  • minions.UnlockMissionSlot – Looks like another Cash Shop feature, this time with the intent of opening more slots so you can do more missions at once.


Thanks to TehFrank for spending the time datamining this info for us! Look forward to more RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide information in the coming weeks!

In the mean-time, check out all our 3.0 Content posts to catch up on all the latest news!

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