RIFT 3.0 Twitter Chat Summary

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

Trion had a RIFT 3.0 Twitter chat earlier in the day using hashtag #nightmaretide. Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher was joined by Senior Design Director Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch, Lead Content Designer Mike “MikeD” Daugherty, Art Manager “Marigold” and Senior Systems Designer Lisa “Faratha” Boleyn to answer players’ questions about 3.0: Nightmare Tide!

We’ve got a summary of the Q&A as well as full transcript below:


General 3.0 Info

  • 3.0 Nightmare Tide expansion (digital edition version) can be bought this year – no date provided. Pricing of the digital edition to be discussed. [Note: The expansion is free, but digital edition gives extra stuff]. [r]
  • Identical Digital Collector’s Editions will be available both via Rift’s website as well as from Steam. [r]
  • Beta Testing – No plans right now to add any pre-order Digital Edition or anything similar that would grant beta access. There are a few alpha testers already. [r]


  • No new souls with 3.0 Nightmare Tide. [r]
  • Equipment Slots – There are 2. Not revealing what they are but the currency required to unlock the slots will “likely be Dynamic Currency or Dungeon currency”. [r]
  • Mastery System – Mastery is gained at 61+ with one choice from a list per level. Mastery is also saved per role so you can pick different ones for each of your up-to-20 roles. [r]
  • Leveling – Boosts will be taken into consideration when looking at how long it takes to level between Level 60-65, but it won’t be completely balanced around it. [r]
  • Mounts – Potential swimming squirrel mounts. [r]
  • Mounts – Some mounts will be upgradeable to Water/Amphibious Mounts. [r] [Such as Crocnard mount] You will see other, new mounts in 3.0 besides Trasher/Thrasher. [r]
  • Currencies – There are likely no plans to devalue or retire any of the current in-game currencies when Nightmare Tide releases. [r]
  • Wardrobe – Planning/making/have made new armor for 3.0. [r]
  • Wardrobe – Will have new shields and weapons of all kinds for 3.0. [r]
  • Wardrobe – New Hairstyles? Not for 3.0, but Marigold would like to get more after 3.0 release. [r]

Zones/Open World

  • Main City – No new major city in 3.0 (with facilities like the current 3 main cities) although there’s a “nice area in one of the new zones” that may act as an alternative to Tempest Bay and there is a rather large city in the plane of water. [r] [r] [Most likely referring to Draum Heim, which is a large city zone]
  • Zones – How many? Trion is keeping that info tight-lipped for now. [r]
  • Zones – Have plans for big zone events. “Volan is hard to beat, but we’re going to try.” [r]
  • 3.0 will focus on the Plane of Water zones but the old world will also get some new stuff including Nightmare Rifts and the Nightmare Coast Dungeon (in shimmersand). [r]
  • Artifacts – Artifacts will follow the same release pattern as with 2.0. Normal Artifacts will be released first, then Twisted Artifacts and then Unstable Artifacts. [r]


  • LFG – Not planning on building a Looking-For-Raid system. [r]
  • Raids – Plan on continuing with 10- and 20-man raids. Not looking at larger raids. [r]


  • “Pretty big changes” for PvP to be revealed in the future. [r]
  • CQ Power will be removed. [r]


  • Minions will bring back “all kinds of rewards based on the mission types and how successful they are.” [r]
  • No dress-up available currently but they’re debating whether to add naming. [r]
  • Current Companion Pets will not become Minions. Minions are new. [r]
  • Minions are account-wide. [r]


  • “Worse things exist in the planes than the Dragons”. [r]
  • “The Akylios we knew is dead, but perhaps he had children?” [r]
  • Lady Glasya will be the focus of one of the zones in 3.0. [r] [Likely Goboro Reef given what we know of it already]
  • There will be some small story development for Bahmi and Eth, although 3.0’s lore will mainly be focused on Water stories. [r]


  • No current plans to add PvE combat options in dimensions. [r]
  • Real water in dimension items is unlikely to be added in as water volumes have to be “baked into” terrain. [r]
  • ‘Layers’ of water ‘might’ be possible for dimensions. No promises provided. [r]
  • A whole bunch of Plane of Water-themed dimension items of all rarities will be added with 3.0, including Water Terrain Paint. [r]
  • No item limit increases planned. [r]


  • On-going. Currently work is being done on shadows. [r]
  • No need to upgrade your PC for 3.0 compared to current game. [r]
  • Possible in-game guild calendar is being considered as a post-3.0 milestone. [r]
  • Expect to see on-going improvements in UI with patches. [r]


  • Other – Penguin might be a boss or ‘Boss Penguin’ as an achieve. [r]
  • Other – “Expect plenty of silly stuff in the Draumheim zone:  Embedded image permalink [r]
  • Other –
    Embedded image permalink [r] [This image is likely one of the 4 heads of the lake monster Izbithu; the center gaping maw is perhaps the Glacial Maw dungeon]
  • Other – “Stay tuned we are going to redefine the meaning of Jumped the Shark :)” [r]
  • Other – No new player races. [r]
  • Other – There will be Water-themed pets. [r]

Click here for the Full Transcript.

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7 Comments on “RIFT 3.0 Twitter Chat Summary”

  1. Serein
    June 30, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

    A bit sad about no new main city….though most of the other news is nice.

    • June 30, 2014 at 10:51 pm #

      I guess they didn’t want to split the player base even further (i.e. with Mathosia main cities + Storm Legion main city + a Nightmare Tide main city).

  2. Serein
    June 30, 2014 at 11:04 pm #

    Yeah, I can see that, I just keep getting more of an impression that this is “Storm Legion+” instead of a whole new expansion. Their mention of a “nice area” in one of the zones (the Draumheim thing) reminds me of Tulan/Tuldio Retreat: cool cities, quest areas, a few crafting services, but….nobody uses them as hubs). Won’t need to replace gear until after I hit 65, all my saved-out-the-ass currency still usable, no new main city, etc. Feels more like Ember Isle coming out rather than a full expansion. But I’ll have to see. I REALLY want NT to be successful and fun, and some of the stuff in it sounds great already, and we don’t even know many details yet on minions, masteries, not too much about the new zones, raids, etc. I just want this to feel like, and actually be, a full-fledged expansion, and I hope it does. One of the big things for me in MMOs has been when you level up and finally get access to the new awesome place everybody goes. In Rift, I remember my first time in TB was amazing, and I hope NT has something that makes me have that same feeling again!

    • July 1, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

      I get the Storm Legion+ feeling too. I don’t necessarily hate this. I can do with two of those (hopefully the second happens in 2015 instead of 2016), and then we can see about another larger jump in 2016-2018 (ooo I’m far thinking!).

  3. June 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

    Currently there are a lot of max level players sitting idly in Tempest Bay for hours at a time, with nothing to do except wait for a dungeon queue to pop or a raid to form. I am desperately hoping that this expansion brings us hundreds of hours of gameplay of varied content (quests, zone events, pvp, dungeons, raids, etc) to get us all OUT of Tempest Bay. If Tempest Bay remains the hub, then I better have plenty of reasons to not sit there all day.

  4. July 1, 2014 at 3:06 pm #

    No new races? (There are really only 4 races with 2 types of human characters) No new starting level character zones? I can’t wait for this expansion however kinda disappointed that Trion World wouldnt make other aspects like broader character creation to bring new players in.

  5. Selim of Faeblight
    July 1, 2014 at 5:48 pm #

    Thanks for doing this summary.

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