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Trion Worlds Community Day 2014 Feature Image

Trion Worlds Community Day 2014 Summary

Trion held a “Trion Worlds Community Day 2014” earlier in the week where they invited a group of players from their various titles over to the Trion Worlds office. A few hints at future content has been revealed although there’s no details. Further information on Minions, a “major PvP-related” addition, “buff warlords” and RIFT Mobile App improvements teased.

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The Nightmare Coast Feature Image

RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes Release Date Announced! + Lore Piece

RIFT Patch 2.8: Madness Wakes announced for August 6th! Check out some of the things that are coming in 2.8 and read up on a new “Tales of the Deep: Infinity Theft” lore piece!

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PTS Update General Feature Image

PTS Update for 30th July 2014

New Kitsune Supply Crate with rare chance at Red Kitsune Mount + a new UI border is the jest of the latest ~100mb PTS Update.

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ArcheAge Feature Image

New Limited Edition: Archeum Trove up next 4 days

New Limited Edition: Archeum Trove gives rare chance at White Dire Squirrel Mount and an Archeum Founder’s Pack for the F2P MMORPG ArcheAge. Limited time.

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Glyph Feature Image

Glyph Issues: Error #2025 and Error #2016 Solutions

Getting Error #2025 and/or Error #2016? It may be an issue on Trion’s end, or, try disabling auto-login.

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Hotfix Feature Image

RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #16

Mage & Rogue Soul Changes; BoB: Maelforge nerfs; PvP Healing & Shielding reduced by 65%, up from 62% for Level 60 PvP; Patron’s Focus – when you use Call of the Ascended it now resets the cooldown of all combat resurrections. Just a few of the changes coming in this week’s RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #16.

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Invasions Feature Image

PTS Update for 28th July 2014

Relatively small ~150mb PTS Update for 28th July 2014. New Fury of the Ascended ability changes the ability to a 1hr buff with a stacking buff mechanic that makes it so that smaller groups of Invasions become harder but much larger (15+) becomes easier.

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General Feature Image

News Tidbits 28th July 2014

Trion has got a Mage Stormcaller fix, Warrior Paragon/Tempest/Warlord changes and multiple Blighted Antechamber Warfront changes in the works as part of today’s RIFT News Tidbits 28th July 2014.

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Guild Launch Giveaway Feature Image

Giveaway: Guild Launch 1yr Prime Plan Codes

The folks over at Guild Launch have generously provided RiftGrate with 20x 1yr Guild Launch Prime Plan codes to give away! Enter with your name@shard, guild name and guild lead’s name@shard!

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General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

Draumheim Districts – MikeD Teases

RIFT Lead Content Designer MikeD has teased players by tweeting the following ‘map’ of part of the city area of Draumheim, one of the zones coming in RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide. It is a rather small image but it shows off some of the names of areas in the city of Draumheim. I’ve added in […]

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