New #TideLore + Further 3.0 Lore Tidbits

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Feature Image 2

With some of the latest tweets by Trion, it seems as though they may be using a new hashtag for lore-related posts: #TideLore. This is on top of the #NightmareTide hashtag they used for the 3.0 twitter chat. Perhaps we can look forward to more posts from Trion over at #TideLore in the coming weeks.


Trion tweeted the following:

Akvan are the first dream of the cosmos, born in the darkness and chaos of the early universe. [r]

This seems to back up their ‘Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats‘ article that states that “careful analysis leads us to believe the Akvan themselves may be nightmares come to life. Creations of something ancient, primordial, sentient … and seriously deranged.”

It is quite possible that the Akvan are a collection of different types of nightmares that have manifested themselves into reality. If this is the case, perhaps they don’t all look the same.

The question then is: Who dreamt them up? Do we get to meet this/these ancient beings that created the Akvan?

Moons of the Plane of Water

Originally I thought that the picture of Izbithu indicated that it was the top layer of the Plane of Water because it shows the moon:

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Lake Creature

But no, that is no longer the case. Trion has revealed that each layer of the Plane of Water has its own moon!

Each layer of the Plane of Water has a different moon in the sky, for each layer is a different dream of the moon. [r]

Now that’s something I’m looking forward to seeing! (and hopefully Faratha adds different sky projectors for dimensions for each moon!)


You can check out RIFT’s twitter here.

Also, find out more 3.0 content information here.

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