RIFT Lore: Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats

Tales of the Deep Feature Image

[IMG Source: RIFT]

Trion has posted a lore piece for RIFT’s 3.0: Nightmare Tide expansion called “Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats” in the form of a report by Empyreal Alliance’s Naval Defense Force Commander Blaith. There’s some interesting lore-based information in the article that you can find here.


  • Commander Blaith is tasked with overseeing naval defenses and has been studying the threat that the Plane of Water has on Telara, reiterating what occurs during the underwater quest-chain on Ember Isle. Here we meet Demogos who uses the dreams of Wanton cultists to find a tablet that would re-awaken the Akvan.
  • Nightmares become reality – “For once, researchers at the College of Planar Studies and Quicksilver College agree: sleeping mortals resonate with Tidal energy signatures indicative of planar travel. In short: the unconscious hobgoblins of our minds walk in the Plane of Water while our bodies lie dormant on Telara.”
  • Creatures from other Planes will exist in the Plane of Water: “we must assume the collective fears of other cults are manifest in the Plane of Water … and are just as set on our demise.”
  • The Akvan may actually be nightmares manifested into reality themselves. This poses another interesting question, since they are supposed to have created the Blood Storm Dragons (Greenscale, Akylios, Laethys, Maelforge, Crucia and Regulos): So are the Dragons a product of nightmares themselves?
  • Orphiel Farwind – He may finally get some screen time. He seems to potentially know more about this Plane than he is letting on, but the Telarans are unable to contact him.

You can check out the full article here.

Also keep an eye out for further 3.0 content information here.

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