RIFT Ability Lag Reduction Improvements

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Dev Pithos has posted indicating that the latest hotfix, RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #12, has introduced ability lag reduction improvements to the game.

Basically, Trion runs 4 physics processes that handle the load for physics requests and they found that one of them was under heavy load most of the time whilst the other three weren’t being used as much.

Physics Processes

The solution?

  • Warfront maps have now been moved from the heavily loaded process to a less busy one;
  • Most Chronicle maps have also been moved from the heavily loaded process to one of the other less-busy processes;
  • Tier 3 Raid Maps have been moved to the last of the less-busy processes.

With this change (that has occured for both NA and EU) it should reduce ability lag for Warfronts, Chronicles, Tier 3 Raids and also improve performance for the physics process that was originally under heavy load.

Dev Pithos would love to hear your feedback on whether you are noticing any improvements (or issues) with this change in his thread here.

Server to Client Data Cap

There’s also a cap on the Server to Client data that Trion are looking to increase in the short term with next week’s hotfix to see what the impact will be on users.

In the long term they hope to identify why there is a significantly large amount of data being generated and to reduce this amount to hopefully speed things up for all users.

[Source: Pithos]

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