Pact Gaming RIFT PvP Tournament

PactGaming RIFT PVP Tournament Feature Image

[IMG Source: Pact Gaming]

Pact Gaming is holding a 1v1 16-person elimination RIFT PvP Tournament on 12th July 2014 on Seastone (NA PvP Shard).

Brief Overview:

  • Tournament will be held at 12:30pm – 2:30pm PDT on 12th July 2014 (Countdown) (Time Converter). [r]
  • The tournament will be livestreamed at
  • Fights will be 1v1 elimination. Once you lose a fight you’re out.
  • Prize: Hasn’t been finalized at the time of this post, but the Champion takes home a small amount of in-game currency, an in-game reward; and – if they are registered to – 500 Pact Points and Entry to Rank II Tournaments. Rank II and III Tournaments include cash prizes and Rank III Tournaments include Sponsored Gear.
  • All souls are a-okay. [r]
  • If you are entering, make sure to be there on time. Late arrivals (5min after Tournament start) will be disqualified.
  • This will be held in a PvP Dimension on Seastone. (No information as at the time of this post on which dimension.)

You can sign up for the tournament on their site here.

You can also view the forum thread here, especially if you have any further questions about the tournament.


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