A Glimpse into RIFT Lockbox Drops

Remember that lucky bugger who received 365 Sparkle Troves on one of Trion’s Livestreams? That was Serein@Faeblight and he posted a spreadsheet of the drops he obtained from those lockboxes on the Rift Forums here!

Although Serein stopped his drop-by-drop analysis at 122 boxes, it still provides some useful information and the largest recorded sample of lockbox drops we’ve seen.

Note: The Sparkle Troves  are part of the Unicornalia Promo Week and are Transcendent quality (red).

You can access the spreadsheet directly below:


  • IS = Infinity Stones (Storm Legion Open World)
  • ESM = Empyreal Slayer’s Marks (Lvl 60 Expert/Tier 1 Raid)
  • FES = Frozen Eclipse Stones (Lvl 60 Tier 2 Raid)
  • FOTW = Fragments of the Ward (Lvl 60 Tier 3 Raid)
  • Warlord’s = Warlord’s Marks (Lvl 60 PvP Second-tier)
  • Myrmidon’s = Myrmidon’s Marks (Lvl 60 PvP Top-tier)
  • WL CQ = Warlord’s Marks of Conquest (Lvl 60 PvP)
  • Sparkle Essences = Sparkle Essences (Used to purchase Opal Unicorn Mount from PRI Quartermaster)

Frequency of Currency Drops

Sparkle Essences
Totals 35969 15303 594 83 38057 8251 6433 898
Frequency 53.28% 32.79% 11.48% 2.46% 56.56% 18.85% 24.59% 100.00%

From the first 122 lockboxes that were opened, the frequency of Infinity Stones and Warlord’s Marks was at slightly above 50%. ESM at approx 32%, FES at 11%, FOTW at 2.5%. Sparkle Essences at 100% (which is to be expected for this type of lockbox).

It seems as a Transcendent (red-tier) quality lockbox, it gave two currencies other than sparkle essences for each box. Lower-tier lockboxes won’t always have two types of  currencies.

Range of Currency Amount Dropped

Min Max
IS 277 799
ESM 310 450
FES 30 56
FOTW 25 33
Warlord’s 450 675
Myrmidon’s 241 469
WL CQ 180 265

Serein also recorded the range for each major currency as per above. There’s a rather large range for Infinity Stones with a 2.9x difference between min and max, but everything else is between 1.3 and 1.9x.

  • It is unknown how similar these amounts are between rarities but a fellow guildmate who often purchases Rare (Blue) quality Greenscale’s Lockboxes has stated that he usually gets 450 Warlord Marks (prior to bonuses/boosts) whenever that currency drops.

Overall Results

Although Serein stopped recording each lockbox drop at the 122nd lockbox, he did continue to record all Mounts and Tier 2 drops.

Overall he received 3 Onyx Unicorn Mounts, 3 Heart of the Planebreaker (Tier 2 Relic Upgrade Component) and 2 Tier 2 gear drops for all 365 Sparkle Troves.

Assuming the same frequency and range for all 365 Sparkle Troves compared to the first 122 that were recorded, he likely received approximately:

  • 107,612 Infinity Stones
  • 45,783 Empyreal Slayers’ Marks
  • 1,777 Frozen Eclipse Stones
  • 248 Fragments of the Ward
  • 113,859 Warlord Marks
  • 24,685 Myrmidon Marks
  • 19,246 Warlord Marks of Conquest
  • 2,686 Sparkle Essences

With 113,859 Warlord Marks, Serein could have purchased 63 Depleted Supply Crates, providing at least one Depleted Infinity Cell and a lot of other PvP-related items.

Amongst all of that were plenty of relic-quality raid consumes, transcendent boosts/tablets, lustrous runes, services-category items and a ton of epic/relic-quality lockbox gear.

Worth the ‘Cost’?

The big question – if Serein had bought all the lockboxes with Credits, would it have been worth the cost?

Each Sparkle Trove cost 700 Credits (630 for Patrons). Assuming Serein had the patron discount, 365 Sparkle Troves would have cost:

  • 229,950 Credits; or
  • $1,250 (12x $100; 1x $50. Total 230,500 Credits, so 550 credits extra).

Okay, hear me out now. I’m going to make some over-the-top assumptions and will round up:

Total Credits
120x Raid Rift Lure 24000 21120
12x Empyreal Marauder’s Large Cell 17544 17544
Partial Rift Walker’s Helm 1028 1028
2x FOTW Cost 496 496
64x Depleted Supply Crate 37440 37440
2x Myrmidon’s Empowered Large Cell 7560 7560
2x Myrmidon’s Empowered Cell 5940 5940
2x Myrmidon’s Empowered Small Cell 4500 4500
2x Warlord’s Conquest Cells 7560 7560
3x Opal Unicorn Mount 15000 13200
3x Onyx Unicorn Mount 15000 13200
183x Services @ 180 Credits Each 32940 32940
183x Lockbox Gear @ 100 plat each 18300 16104
91x Lustrous Runes @ 200 Plat each 18200 16016
2x Tier 2 gear at 5000 plat each 10000 8800
3x Heart of the Planebreaker at 10000 plat each 30000 26400
TOTAL 229848


  • 120x Raid Rift Lure: Unlimited planarite and choose to buy 120x Raid Rift Lures and are able to sell both loot drops for 100p each.
  • 12x Emp Marauder’s Large Cell: Assuming you purchase 12, rounded up.
  • Partial Rift Walker’s Helm: Assuming partial cost based on currency cost of the helm vs credit cost.
  • 2x FOTW Cost: Assuming Tier 3 gear costs double Credits for each FOTW currency required. Pretty insane, but hey, we’re pushing it here.
  • 64x Depleted Supply Crates: Again, rounding up and using its Credit cost.
  • 2x Myrmidon’s Large/Normal/Small Cells: Assuming each Myrmidon’s Cell has a Credit equivalent of their Myrmidon piece when bought directly. That’s a huge exaggeration, but we’re pushing it here. Rounding up again.
  • 2x Warlord’s Conquest cells: For the Warlord’s Marks of Conquest, assuming you get 2x Warlord’s Conquest Cells; and assuming they cost the same as a Myrmidon’s chest piece.
  • Opal/Onyx Unicorn Mount: Assuming each sells for 5k each.
  • 183x Services: Assuming half of all drops provide a service item. The highest service item generally dropped by lockboxes is the Transfiguration Bauble at 180 Credits (patron discount).
  • 183x Lockbox Gear: Assume half of all drops provide a lockbox gear drop and that this is ‘valued’ at 100p each.
  • 91x Lustrous Runes: Assume 1/4th of all drops provide a lustrous rune. Assume they sell for average of 200p each. Again, exaggeration – but that’s what we’re going for and I’ll explain why below.
  • 2x Tier 2 gear: Assuming you do PDKP runs and bid 5,000 plat for each Tier 2 piece.
  • 3x Heart of the Planebreaker: Assuming you do PDKP runs and bid 10,000 plat each.

Platinum has been converted to Credits at a rate of 1 Plat = 0.88 Credits (based on 1,250 Credits = 1 REX = 1,100 Platinum).


After all those exaggerations and rounding up everything, it totals 229,848 Credits. That compares to the cost of 365 Sparkle Troves at 229,950 Credits. The exaggerations make it clear it isn’t worth the cost, and certainly once you remove all the items that you won’t find useful at all (with the more geared player finding them even more useless), it simply isn’t worth it to purchase a large amount of lockboxes.

  • If your main purpose was to get Tier 2 gear, you’re better off participating in a PDKP run with platinum gained from either selling REX or through the more cost-effective gifting services.
  • If your main purpose was to get an Onyx Unicorn Mount, it would have been better to just buy it off another player on the Auction House.

tl; dr – Not worth it.


Hope this provides you with at least some insight into Transcendent-quality lockbox drop rates. Overall it just isn’t worth buying a large amount of lockboxes even if you have no gear on you whatsoever because you’re better off buying the gear with Credits or through Plat gained from selling Credits (gifting)/REX directly.

And if you’re after something like the Opal Unicorn Mount that requires Sparkle Essences – just how much do you value that mount? Do some calcs before you go hitting up those boxes!

Thanks to Serein@Faeblight for creating this spreadsheet and posting their lockbox drop results! You can check it out here.

Missed out on all the fuss about the new Auction House system? You can check out a summary with screenshots of the 13th June 2014 Trion Livestream here.


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4 Comments on “A Glimpse into RIFT Lockbox Drops”

  1. Mirandiral
    July 6, 2014 at 8:11 am #

    But what was the range of event currency, ie range of Sparkle Essences? I’m rather curious upon that number…you know, cuz…unicorns and such.

    • Mirandiral
      July 6, 2014 at 8:13 am #

      And I see, after spending time actually reading the spreadsheet, that thew range is between five and ten currency per box. I’ve earned ten before on one, but I was curious if there was someone with more on theirs. I guess not.

    • July 6, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

      The range of Sparkle Essences was from 5 to 10 per box.

  2. DarkDaemon
    October 14, 2014 at 10:06 am #

    I see a few small mistakes.

    You didn’t extrapolate for the heart of the planebreaker and T2 drops. He had 3 HotP and 2 T2s from 122 boxes, so your estimate should have used 9 HotP and 6 T2s. Your point is still very valid though. The lockbox gear and runes feel overvalued.

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