Quick PTS + Datamining Update

PTS Update General Feature Image

Just a quick summary of the July 2nd PTS Update since it didn’t really add much other than full mini-maps for the primary 3 zones we’ve seen thus far and a few other minor tidbits.


  • Full mini-maps for Goboro Reef, Draum Heim and Tarken Glacier. You can check work-in-progress map here. Note that a few indicators are pointing to there being a 4th zone not shown on that map called ‘Myrkur’s Depths’.
  • Cape Contest winner’s skin datamined by TehFrank.
  • Achievements updated:
    • Goboro Reef has a new achieve called Farseers: Goboro Reef.
    • Planes -> Nightmare sub-categories have increased achievement points. Nightmare I increased by 10 to 238. Nightmare II to VII all increased by 30 to 158.
    • Dungeons -> Nightmare Coast increased to 120 achievement points. All achievements no longer visible.
    • Raids -> The Rhen of Fate achievements are no longer visible.

So not a whole load of new stuff.

Koldir’s Cape

Back in April, Trion Worlds held a “Savage Swords and Noble Staves” RIFT Concept Art Contest where players submitted their concept art for 2-handed swords, 2-handed staves and capes for a variety of prizes, including having the winners’ entries added to the game itself.

Well, now TehFrank has datamined the Grand Prize Winner for the Cloak/Cape Category, Koldir’s entry.

Here’s Koldir’s Concept Art:

Concept Art Contest - Cloaks - Grand Prize

Grand Prize – Koldir

This is what it looks like in skin form, re-created by Trion’s Art team:

Koldir's Cape Skin

It stays relatively true to the original design. Wish the wings were brighter in skin form, but since this is the skin, various lighting and glow effects when placed in-game could help brighten the cape.

Look forward to seeing this cape in-game at some point in the future!

Farseers: Goboro Reef

Farseers - Goboro Reef

There are a lot of Farseers in Goboro Reef. This is found under Achievements -> Zones -> Goboro Reef on the PTS.

This is actually interesting despite not telling much at first glance because Farseers are from the Plane of Earth. (That said, these may be a whole different type of NPC).

We know that Goboro Reef’s Gyel Fortress is Fire-based and we’ve been given information that Lady Glasya uses it as a base, with the Plane of Fire “flamescaping” the area [r]. I guess it isn’t too farfetched to think that the Plane of Earth would also have a presence in this zone.

That said, 20 Farseers is quite the presence. They say “locate”, not “kill”. Does this mean that these Farseers are not enemies?


If you’re interested, check out some of the other 2-handed Swords, 2-handed Staves and Cloaks/Capes designs from winning entries that may be coming in-game in the future here.

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