The Skelfs, Avatar of Draum and Akylios

Nightmare Tide Infinity Gate Feature Image

A further addition to the #Tidelore Twitter hashtag has been posted up by Trion:

The skelf originally hail from the Komoho ocean, they are pilots to a leviathan avatar of Draum. [r]


‘pilots’ likely refers to ‘Maritime pilot’ – “a mariner who guides ships through hazardous waters” [r]. It may also refer to ‘Pilot (locomotive’ – “A device that deflects obstacles from the front of a locomotive, also known as a cowcatcher” [r].

The reason why it may be the second is that these Skelfs could potentially be the vanguard/shield for the leviathan.


Leviathan is a large sea monster. There’s a rather interesting read on Wikipedia – although Trion will likely not use the mythology directly, they do like to use existing mythologies as starting points for their content.

Avatar of Draum

Draum = Dream (Norwegian). Draum is capitalized here. Draum Heim (‘Dream Home’) is one of the zones for RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide.

Is this ‘avatar’ similar to the ‘Avatar of Regulos’ and the Avatars of the other dragons? Could this ‘Draum’ be an actual creature, and this ‘leviathan’ being its avatar?

Or perhaps Draum is Akylios’ alternate name and this avatar is just his manifestation in the Plane of Water. In the Nightmare Coast Dungeon that is coming with RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes, there is a ‘Shade of Akylios’ as one of the boss mobs so it isn’t too far-fetched that Draum may be related to Akylios.

Then again, Draum could be an Akvan and the Avatar of Draum is simply a manifestation of Draum whilst he/she is still asleep.

It will be interesting to see what these Skelfs and the leviathan brings to 3.0!

3.0 Akylios Image

Akylios 3.0 Image
[Image Source: Trion]

Look, it’s Akylios and an army of Skelfs marching out of the Infinity Gate (and presumably, into Telara)!

  • Is that the Leviathan Avatar of Draum?
  • Is it Akylios reborn through someone’s nightmare?
  • Is it the Shade of Akylios seen in Nightmare Coast?
  • An awakened Akvan?

Is this someone’s nightmare or something that will actually happen? My guess is that this is actually going to happen in the form of the prelude World Event that will likely happen prior to and including the RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide launch.

It will likely be similar to the Tempest Rising World Event prior to and including the launch of RIFT 2.0: Storm Legion where the main cities were filled with Air-based Instant Adventures, new zone events/rifts appeared and a ton of Storm Legion-based invasions popped up all over the place.

This time round we have that huge Infinity Gate above Shimmersand on the PTS, and perhaps we’ll find similar ones popping up elsewhere prior to 3.0.

Stay tuned for more RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide information in the coming weeks!
You can catch up on all the current 3.0 information we’ve gathered here.

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