interviews Trion about Nightmare Tide

Nightmare Tide Feature Image has just uploaded a new podcast on their Game On section with an interview with Trion about RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide. You can check it out here. They are joined by Daglar, MikeD and CM Ocho!

Here’s a quick summary:

Water Content

  • Only 10% of core content is underwater.
  • “Water can be taken in so many different directions” – Ocho
  • “Some pretty disturbing areas, especially in the lore” – Daglar
  • Make environments that feel underwater but you’re actually on dry land.
  • Underwater content off the West coast of Ember Isle at Breaker Point was a good experiment for Trion, allowing them to see what players actually wanted and what they could get away with for Water-based content.
  • HP Lovecraft-inspired, especially the zone: Tarken Glacier. Tentacles everywhere.
  • Resource-wise, focusing on greater variety of bosses vs a Volan-like encounter.
  • Increased the density of the story quests. There’s also discoverable quests along the way that reveals other aspects of the  lore.

Goldfish Mount

Goldfish Mount.

Nightmare Rifts

  • Nightmare Rifts – thus far the testers have gone highest to about Stage 43. (we’ve seen an achieve for 125). They scale with no. of players.
  • They are thinking of even making instances like a solo challenge mode/etc. (will be barriers to entry for that kind of experience if it goes ahead).
  • Essentially Hunt Rifts for 3.0. Nightmare Rifts, then Nightmare Rift I to VII.
  • Nightmare Rifts can spawn in the low-level zones too.


  • Not a full gear reset.
  • Equipment Slots:
    • Looking at a middle-ground between easy-to-obtain and annoyingly-hard.
    • Digital Collector’s Edition will be account-wide. In-game earn = per-character.
    • They will add power; how much is still up for debate internally.

Other Stuff

  • Something akin to mentoring that will bring more players together. Not saying what it is.
  • Keeping a close eye on possibly increasing xp given to previous levels to speed up leveling but they’re first looking at Level 60-Level 65 leveling speed by current alpha testers.


Nightmare Tide. This year.


Check the full interview on here.
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