Further RIFT Ability Lag Improvements!

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This week may be turning out to be a good reset week for ability lag improvements.

  • Firstly we had the physics processes improvements, moving warfront maps, chronicle maps and Tier 3 maps off the main physics process and onto the three less-busy ones [r].
  • Dev Pithos also indicated that they would be raising the Server to Client data cap in the short term with this week’s hotfix to see if it provides better performance for players. In the long term they hope to identify why there is a significantly large amount of data being generated and to find ways to reduce this. [r]

Today Dev Pithos has announced even further improvements to performance and lag issues. [r]

  • They’ve identified a problem where empty map instances weren’t being completely removed from the server and have a fix in place for this week’s hotfix.
  • The longer the servers were up since a previous reset, the worse the performance and lag issues got.
  • This issue posed a significant problem on the main US instance physics server processes and the fix this week should help improve performance.
  • They’ve also restarted this physics server process on each shard today as a temporary fix prior to the hotfix this week.

Look forward to – hopefully – less ability lag after this week’s hotfix!

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