Warning: GA: Ultane Drops Add + SL Artifact Turn-in XP Reduced

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Warning: With this week’s hotfix:

  • Storm Legion Artifact Set Turn-ins will give reduced experience.
  • Grim Awakening: Ultane will drop a trinket and an armor piece (leggings).

Storm Legion Artifact Set Turn-ins Reduced

SL Artifact Set XP Drop

Looking at Live vs PTS, it seems the reduction is from about 38,880 XP and 86 gold 76 silver for the standard Storm Legion Artifact Set down to 9,720 XP and 26 gold 3 silver.

If you aren’t stocking up completed SL Artifact Sets for RIFT 3.0 and you have plenty of Planar Attunement left to gain (1277 PA is current max) you may want to consider turning them in prior to this week’s hotfix.

That said, they’re still useful for stocking up for 3.0 since they don’t consume your daily quest limit so are effectively ‘free’ leveling experience for 3.0.

Grim Awakening: Ultane Drops

Josh York stated over a week ago that he’d be introducing an additional drop for Ultane in the Tier 2 10-man raid Grim Awakening and now it’s coming in this week’s hotfix!

OK. Let’s do it!

Ultane will drop leggings and a trinket starting in the next patch, but only one Call of the Awakened.

[Source: Josh York]

Prior to this, although Ultane’s loot table had both leggings and trinket, it would only drop one per kill (+ Call of the Awakened). So now you get both a Leg Piece + a Trinket + Call of the Awakened upgrade component.

Thus, just like with any positive addition to raids, you may wish to postpone any Grim Awakening run for next reset until after the hotfix.

  • Weekly Reset occurs on Wednesday, 4am Server Time each week. That’s PDT for North America and GMT for Europe.
  • Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #13 at 7:30AM PDT on 9th July 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 10th July 2014 (EU).
  • North America: Do not run Grim Awakening in the 3 and a half hours between weekly reset (4am PDT/Server Time and 7:30AM PDT/ST) and the servers going down for hotfix #13.
  • Europe: Do not run Grim Awakening until after the servers go down at 1AM GMT (2am BST) on Thursday, 10th July.

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