News Tidbits: Reaver, Alert Tabs and further 3.0 Lore

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A few RIFT news tidbits for 9th July 2014 to go over:

  • Summerfest Critter Capture Them All quests should be back up now. [r] However, if you completed the quest in previous years you probably aren’t seeing the Summerfest Friendship Bracelet reward. Trion will have a new quest up next week that will reward the Summerfest Friendship Bracelet for completing the Capture Them All quest. [r]
  • Senior UI Artist Gingers will look into including a Toggle-able Tab that will change color to indicate you have a new message. This will be able to be turned on or off and will allow players to – say – create a whisper-only tab that changes color to alert you to a new message. [r]
  • Warrior Reaver changes (to become a DPS soul) will be announced in a new thread next Monday with changes hitting PTS shortly after. [r] There will also be Paladin and Void Knight QoL changes as well as to make them better for hybrids. Warriors & Rogue Class Dev Vladd has provided the following teasers as well:
    • Void Knight: “Accords will no longer be tied to the amount of pacts that you have. They will provide flat bonuses for each buff.”
    • Reaver: “Shadow Strike: Talent – Dire Blow and Ravaging Strike now deal X% additional Death damage for each Reaver damage over time effect on the target.”
    • Reaver: Plague Bringer remains and is back to a toggle. [r]
  • Further RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide lore:
    • “The Morayans in #RIFT once had a vast undersea kingdom before the Abyssal cult of Akylios corrupted their rocky shoals.” [r]
    • “It is skelf tradition to let the last in a clutch of eggs perish before making it out of the egg. #Tidelore.” [r]


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