Join us this Friday 1:30PM PDT for Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest Voting!

Dreaming of Summer Feature Image

Entries closed for the Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest last week and the judges have been going through all the entries picking out their semi-finalist choices before combining the entries and voting on their top 10 finalist entries. The amount of creativity has been absolutely amazing and we love how players have attempted to capture widely different aspects of Summer from cool beach attire to the more sinister side of Summer: bushfires.

Finalists will be publicly revealed on Friday, 11th July 2014 at 1:30PM PDT (Countdown) (Time Converter) at Trion’s usual time-slot for their Friday Livestreams over on Trion’s Twitch channel.

It is now up to you to cast your vote in the livestream chat for the top 3 entries out of the 10 finalists once they are revealed during the livestream.

  • In order to vote you will need to either register a twitch account or connect with your facebook account.
  • It is a good idea to click the ‘Follow’ button on Trion’s Twitch channel page so that you are eligible for future Trion Livestream giveaways (this, however, has no effect on voting).

Thanks to our judges for taking time away from their usual schedules to sit down and select the finalists:

  • Khortish (that’s me!) – Owner of Does stuff. [twitter]
  • Kiwidream – Avid dimensioneer and community member, owner of [twitch] [twitter]
  • Timmayy – Good friend and Warrior who wants more Tier 2 drops (give him some Ultane legs!).
  • Dev Archonix – Archonix is a Senior Systems Designer at RIFT!

An announcement of the winners will be made available at RiftGrate shortly after Trion’s Livestream voting so you won’t miss a thing (except for voting) if you miss the livestream! Trion will LAO have the winner’s wardrobe outfit up and featured for sale on the Rift Store in the following weeks.

Good luck to everyone, mark those calendars and get your votes in!

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2 Comments on “Join us this Friday 1:30PM PDT for Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest Voting!”

  1. Cebele
    July 12, 2014 at 9:45 pm #

    Hi, i heard the winners will be announced July 17th. Is that true? If so, please let me know, because i transferred Cebele@Deepwood to Cebele@Faeblight thinking the winners had been picked. I really need an answer!:(((

  2. Cebele
    July 12, 2014 at 9:53 pm #

    Hi again, i see it has already ended. Thanks though

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