News Tidbits: Stormcaller next week; Chat cut-off bug fix

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For 10th July 2014 we have some more RIFT news tidbits:

  • Mage Stormcaller soul changes will hit Live with next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • The chat cut-off bug will be fixed with next week’s hotfix. [r] MrScary has been able to track down the bug and fix it!
  • Trion RIFT Livestream being held this week on Friday, 11th July at 1:30PM PDT (Countdown) (Time Converter). The Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest Finalists will be revealed and entries voted on to determine top 3! [r]

Mage Stormcaller Changes to Hit Live

The Mage Stormcaller soul has gone through a few changes, bringing the total number of abilities down from 28 to 17. Initial changes can be found here.

Further changes include:

  • Storm Armor should now only affect single target abilities.
  • Storm Armor now increases Forked Lightning damage by 200%.
  • Raging Storm now generates 5 Charge per second. Up from 3.
  • Increased the duration of Storm Locus to 60s.

[Source: Kervik]

  • Reduced the Charge cost of Icicle to 15.
  • Reduced the Charge cost of Hailstorm to 25.
  • Restored Wind Chill as a 16 point root ability. It is no longer affected by the global cooldown.
  • Restored Icy Vortex as a 45 point root ability. It is no longer affected by the global cooldown.
  • New ability: Cyclone – Pulls up to 8 enemies (5 in PVP) to the target’s location. Interrupts and removes 1 buff from affected enemies. Counts as an area effect ability. 2 min cooldown. Affected by cooldown reductions from Self Sustaining. 35 point root ability.

[Source: Kervik]

Join the conversation over on the Mage Discussion forums in the “Stormcaller Update” thread. Players have been going over the changes and it seems the new Mage Stormcaller (available right now for testing on the PTS) is going to be quite popular.


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