PTS Update + Datamining 11th July 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

A new 160MB update is up on the PTS. There’s a few new Concept Art Contest skins and something called “shield rings” datamined by TehFrank as well as two new leaderboard sub-categories and two Mage Pyromancer changes.

Quick Summary:

  • New Leaderboard Sub-Categories: Slaying of Izkinra and Gyel Fortress
  • Further Mage Pyromancer Changes
  • New Concept Art Contest Skins + Models
  • ‘Shield Rings’ model datamined
  • Arak Skeleton datamined
  • 3.0 Nightmare Tide Armor Skin
  • More 3.0 Sound Files

New Leaderboard Sub-Categories

New 3.0 Nightmare Tide Leaderboards

Two new leaderboard sub-categories have made their way into the Public Test Shard that can be accessed via the Leaderboards Window (default key “;“):

  • Leaderboard -> Nightmare Tide Raid -> Dominance: Slaying of Izkinra
  • Leaderboard -> Nightmare Tide Group -> Gyel Fortress

Izkinra is not in the original Rhen of Fate achievements datamined. Either it’s a final or difficult boss in the Rhen of Fate (since the ‘Dominance’ leaderboards are often final bosses in a raid) or it’s part of the Mount Sharax raid.

Further Mage Pyromancer Changes

Further Mage Pyromancer changes are now up on PTS. It’s mainly two that provides nerfs to the changes already made to the Pyromancer soul.

Changes are as follows:

  • Instant Cinder Bursts are back on GCD again.
  • Reduced the damage of Fireball by ~10%.

[Source: Kervik]

If you have any feedback, please post them in the 2.8 Pyromancer PTS Thread.

Concept Art Contest Skins + Models

Previously TehFrank had datamined Koldir’s, Bobgarner’s and Eiphis’ capes skins. This week we have new models and skins for some of the cape, 2-handed sword and 2-handed stave winners from the  “Savage Swords and Noble Staves” RIFT Concept Art Contest (winners’ entries).

BeaP’s Cape

RIFT Concept Art BeaPs Cape

BeaPs Cape

BeaP’s Cape was one of the runner ups for the RIFT Concept Art Contest. The in-game skin looks fairly similar to the original artwork with changes mainly to the width of the cape and to some connecting ornaments.

Likatnes 2-handed Staff

RIFT Concept Art Likatnes 2handed Staff

RIFT Concept Art Likatnes 2-handed Staff

The datamined files show both the skin and model for Likatnes’ 2-handed Staff which won 1st prize for the 2-handed Staff category. The skin looks pretty amazing and Trion have added a nice water-stone-like touch to the base as well.

Amaradelmorann’s 2-handed Staff

RIFT Concept Art Amaradelmorann 2handed Staff

RIFT Concept Art Amaradelmorann 2-handed Staff

2nd place in the 2-handed Staff category was Amaradelmorann’s 2-handed Staff. It looks dream-catcher-inspired. It will be interesting to see whether Trion has kept the transparency in the original design or has opted for an opaque cover.

RIFT Concept Art Mazzarah 2handed Staff

RIFT Concept Art Mazzarah 2-handed Staff

Mazzarah won both the 3rd place and a Runner Up for two entries (the contest allowed multiple entries). This one is Mazzarah’s runner-up entry.

The original entry was white with a purple stone and Trion have either worked with Mazzarah to flesh out the colors or have decided to make the overall staff a yellowish brown.

Artur’s 2-handed Sword

RIFT Concept Art Artur 2handed Sword

RIFT Concept Art Artur 2-handed Sword

Artur’s 2-handed Sword is thus far the only 2-handed Sword winner to have skins/models datamined from the PTS client. This black sword won 2nd place in the 2-h Sword category. I can imagine a few players in exceptionally black outfits carrying this sword around.

Look forward to these items in-game at some point in the future! Given the past 2 PTS updates and this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if the PTS gets updated with the rest of the items in the next few updates. Check out the other winners’ entries to see what will likely come up within the next few weeks.

‘Shield Rings’ Models Datamined

Mesh Shield Rings

Interesting datamined files. These seem to relate to a ‘power_plant_well_room_energy_storm’. Either this is located at a power plant or it is simply using something that exists previously in the game with that name. Thus far there’s “mesh_shield_rings_iron” as well as “mesh_shield_rings_earth” versions.

Could this potentially be related to the “pretty big change for how shields work across the game” that Daglar mentioned back in February? [r] Perhaps it’s an ability that temporarily allows you to have a 360 degree shield?

That said, this may end up just being a visual effect for some objects or NPC.

Arak Skeleton Datamined

3.0 Nightmare Tide Skeletons Doctor Mad Arak

Doctor Mad Arak and Dwarf Rune King Kondraum skeletons.

Arak uses the skeleton for either Psychophage Primakov in Tower of the Shattered or The Mad Doctor in Empyrean Core (or perhaps they both use the same skeleton too). Lord Arak is part of the Nightmare Coast Dungeon coming in RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes.

Dwarf Rune King Kondraum is just the skeleton of Rune King Molinar. Likely an NPC in Draum Heim – perhaps even the ‘Onir King’.

3.0 Nightmare Tide Armor Skin

3.0 Nightmare Tide Armor Skin

What is it? I’m guessing armor. Perhaps it’s the Tribulation Soldiers‘ armor. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

More 3.0 Sound Files

Approximately 5.5MB of new audio files were datamined by TehFrank. The vast majority are under 100KB as roleplay/NPC emote soundbites from various NPCs that last 5-20 seconds. You can download them here.

Warning: There’s plenty of spoilers.

  • “Do You Even Rift, Bro?”, “Come At Us Bro!”
  • “Double Bonus!?” “Triple Bonus!?” (probably Nightmare Rift-related)
  • Plenty of coarse-voiced NPCs. Some sound like Orcs, others like Archons (Starcraft).
  • Asian-sounding NPC. Probably related to Gyel Fortress and the Plane of Water given the Oriental theme. (Shi-Ming?)
  • French Guy.
  • Some NPCs that sound like they’re speaking through a glass cup.
  • Lots of gurgling, screaming and other dying noises.


A couple of new additions this time round. Stay tuned next week as Vladd reveals the Warrior’s Reaver-to-DPS changes. Those changes will likely hit the Public Test Shard in an update following Vladd’s announcement.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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