Patron Benefits Improved Immensely!

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The RIFT Patron Benefits that you gain for being a Patron (either via Patron Subscription or Patron Passes) has been improved immensely as of RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #14. There’s multiple new additions and Patron buffs have turned passive (so 24hrs instead of 2hrs!).

New Patron Benefits


  • Patron Pots/Vials have now become passive. (24hrs instead of 2hr buffs).
  • New Ability: Experience Bonus Suppression. To suppress 40% EXP for those leveling with non-patron friends.
  • New Passive: Mounted Command – Reduce time to mount by 25%; Reduce chance to dismount by 5%; 10% mount speed increase.
  • New Passive: Marvelous Luck – Increases chance to receive Marvelous items from Supply Crates.
  • New Passive: Patron Focus – Reduce cast time of Call of the Ascended by 10 secs; Reduce CD on Archaic Tablet, Charged Mirror, Consuming Flame, Petrified Rune, Renewing Seed and Soul Crystal Planar Abilities (not the consumables) by 15min.
  • New Ability: Patron Fast Pass – Allow an Ascended remote access to the Porticulum once every 30min.
  • New Ability: Patron’s Radiance. Toggle ability that displays a halo on your head.
  • New Ability: Bonus Warfront Charges + Bonus Dungeon Charges.
  • In the Future – Also, an in-game window that tracks days left on patron.

Patron Bonus Rewards Passive

Patron Bonus Rewards Passive

Now called “Bonus Rewards”, the Patron Pots have been given a major improvement, now becoming a passive ability so that they are up 24hrs rather than as 2hr buffs that you restock once per day.

This applies a +40% passive to:

  • Experience
  • Favor
  • Notoriety
  • Prestige
  • Tokens other than Fragments of the Ward or Myrmidon’s Marks

This is on top of the existing “Bonus Currency” passive that gives an across-the-board +15% to currency and all tokens gained.

Note: The Patron’s Artifact Tracking Vials are still there.

Experience To Become Toggled Ability

Experience Bonus Suppression Toggle Ability

A new toggle ability to make it so you don’t receive the 40% Patron bonus for players who wish to level up alongside non-Patrons and don’t want to out-level their friends.

New Passive: Mounted Command

Patron Mounted Command Passive

A new passive, “Mounted Command” replaces the old one that only gave the +10% mounted movement speed. Now it has:

  • Increase mounted movement speed by 10%;
  • Reduces time to mount by 25%;
  • Reduces the chance to be dismounted by 5%.

The 25% time-to-mount reduction basically reduces the cast time for your mount. The reduction in chance to be dismounted reduces the chance of getting knocked off your mount when you take damage.

New Passive: Marvelous Luck

Patron Marvelous Luck Passive

A new passive, “Marvelous Luck” has been added. This improves the chance of receiving Marvelous loot from Supply Crates. Marvelous loot is loot that you get with the in-game emote “You have received a Marvelous Item!” which includes:

  • Mounts
  • Very rare pets (like the N3w70n)
  • Radiant Infinity Cell (Tier 1 Relic Upgrade Component)
  • Heart of the Planebreaker (Tier 2 Relic Upgrade Component)
  • Other very rare items

The exact % increase is unknown.

New Passive: Patron Focus

Patron Focus Passive

A new passive, “Patron Focus” has been added in that reduces the cast time of Call of the Ascended by 10 seconds. This is the resurrect-all ability you get if you are in a guild that has the “Call of the Ascended” guild perk. This ability is accessed via the Abilities window (default key “p“) -> Guild Perks tab. It normally takes 20 seconds to cast so it has been halved to a 10-second cast time.

The Patron Focus passive also reduces the cool-down of the following Planar Abilities by 15min (normally 30min): Archaic Tablet, Charged Mirror, Consuming Flame, Petrified Rune, Renewing Seed and Soul Crystal. These are accessed via the Abilities window -> Ascended Powers. These are the Planar Ability versions, not the Consumables that you get occasionally in your rift loot bag from closing rifts.

These Planar Abilities are only useable when you have the Planar Attunement points filled out that correspond to the above abilities. They are the first hexagonal tile for each Tier 3 element-based Planar Attunement.

Since the stat gains from Planar Abilities such as Archaic Tablet (+60 WIS; +60 STR), Petrified Rune (+60 INT; +60 DEX) and Renewing Seed (+70 END) last 15min, the CD reduction (which brings the CD down to 15min) effectively means you can have an 100% up-time on these stat buffs (as long as you don’t die).

New Ability: Patron Fast Pass

Patron Fast Pass Ability

A new ability for Patrons has been added in called “Patron’s Fast Pass” that allows you to use any porticulum from anywhere. It has a 30min CD and does not share a cooldown with the Brevanic Portal Generator (so you can use both).

Interestingly, using a Brevanic Portal Battery (that resets the Brevanic Portal Generator’s cooldown) also resets the Patron’s Fast Pass cooldown. This is intended [Source: Archonix].

New Ability: Patron’s Radiance

A new cosmetic-only toggle ability that displays a halo vfx above your head.

Patron's Radiance

New Ability: Bonus Warfront + Bonus Dungeon Charges

Bonus Warfront Dungeon Charges Patron

New abilities that grant 3 bonus charges per week to their respective content. This acts like the old Patron Vials so you gain one use of this ability per week. This related to your Bonus Warfront Daily Reward Charges and Bonus Level 60 Expert Dungeon Charges (Likely changed to Level 65 when 3.0 hits).

Note: You can only use this ability when your max charges are 4x or less because the maximum amount of charges you can have is still 7x.

What to Look Forward To

There will also be an in-game window to track how many days left you have on your Patron. ETA is unknown and not coming in the short term.

This is something that is on our backlog still. We’ve wanted to add this but it will not be coming in the short term.


[Source: Daglar]


Some pretty sweet additions to Patron! Making the Patron buffs 24hrs is a huge improvement and even for maxed out characters, some of the other additional conveniences might just be worth it.

As a result – according to crossevents@faeblight – demand for REX has skyrocketed.

You can check out other additions to this week’s hotfix here, including the Mage Stormcaller changes going live!

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5 Comments on “Patron Benefits Improved Immensely!”

  1. Chris
    July 16, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

    they are awesome, i was getting kind of annoyed having to keep reapplying the buffs, so this is a step in the right direction big time.

  2. July 17, 2014 at 2:15 am #

    Huh I cant play for a week as I dont want my XP boost active. Otherwise its a great update…

  3. gizmovision
    July 17, 2014 at 4:38 am #

    Great, this is more inline to what I would have wanted, when it first went free-to-play and patrons were an option.

  4. Snups
    July 17, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    Is the weekly free crate still there?

    • July 17, 2014 at 6:29 pm #

      Yep 😀 Those aspects haven’t changed.

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