Contest: 5v5 Round Robin PvP Tournament

5v5 PvP Tournament Feature Image

Rift PvP League and Godlike Awesomeness are holding a 5v5 Round Robin PvP Tournament starting at 6:30PM PDT on 26th July 2014 and 29th July 2014, with fights scheduled with every subsequent Tuesday and Saturday until all fights are done.


The fights will be held at the Sunfire Arena dimension on the Deepwood (NA) Shard (by Aloegel@Deepwood). They have previously held 3v3 (March), 3v3 (May), 5v5 (May) tournaments.

The tournament is hosted by <–Godlike Awesomeness–>. There’s several rounds of the 5v5 fights with some very nice prizes. The Tournament will be livestreamed on GrimTheGamer’s Livestream.


  • Winners of the tournaments at the end of the season: Receive REX and Plat rewards (amount tbd; over 5k+ plat in prizes)
  • Every game played; each member of the team receives a Rune Unsocketer and Directly Opposed Positive Externality item.

5v5 Summer Season:

Pool Play Stage: Sunfire Arena

Sunfire Arena

[IMG Source: Aloegel]

Each team fights with every other team in a round robin-style 5v5 match to be seeded for tournaments that will be held at the end of the season. Teams will be ranked by the number of fights they win during the season, with rankings being either “Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze.

Tournament Stage: Rift World Cup

RIFT World Cup Arena

[IMG Source: Aloegel]

An elimination tournament for each rating tier will take place in the “RIFT World Cup PvP Tournament” (made by Caelllia@Deepwood).


Please contact Aloegel in-game at Aloegel@Deepwood or post in their forum topic to enter your team into the tournament!

Follow Rift PvP League on twitter for full updates – #RiftLeague.

Full details have been posted on the 5v5 Round Robin Tournament League Thread .

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