RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #14.5

Hotfix Feature Image

Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #14.5 at 11:00AM PDT on 17th July 2014 (NA) and 6PM GMT on 17th July 2014 (EU).


  • Fixed Stormcaller crashes for players who moused over passives in their old Stormcaller specs.

Also note: Some talent tooltips have been borked since this hotfix but the issue is only in the tooltips – the actual numbers are still the same.


RIFT 2.7 Hot Fix #14.5 – 07/17/14

Note: This is a true hotfix and does not require any sever downtime. However, it does take time to get distributed, and may take up to an hour or more for it to reach you.

To see if you have this patch available, simply exit out of the game and Glyph entirely. Upon restarting Glyph, you will download this update automatically. If you don’t get it immediately, it hasn’t yet populated to your location.

* Fixed a bug causing client crashes when a player moused over passives in old Stormcaller builds.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 17th JULY 2014

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