Summerfest Ending 24th July 3:30PM ST

Summerfest Feature Image

Just a reminder that Summerfest is ending on 24th July at 3:30PM ST.
(Countdown: NAEU) (Time Converter: NAEU).

  • Don’t forget those +78 HIT Summerfest Rings found under Rift Store -> World Event. Those will help push you to higher-tier raids if you don’t already have +78 HIT rings.
  • Make sure to pick up anything you’re still interested in before 24th July 3:30PM ST. The World Events section of the Rift Store will be removed at some point. It is unknown whether it will be removed after this Wednesday’s hotfix, after 3:30PM ST on Thursday or last a little longer so be careful! To be prudent, if you have the currency, buy what you want before Wednesday hotfix.
  • Still have quests to complete? Click here for some guides.

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