New Contest Wardrobe Items Up on Live

With the latest hotfix (RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #15), a new section is now up in the Rift Store -> Wardrobe called “Contest Winners” with all the Concept Art Contest as well as the Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest winners’ entries now up for sale with credits.

Note: Exceptionally Dyes (i.e. Exceptionally Ruby, Exceptionally Pumpkin/etc) are up on the Rift Store -> Wardrobe -> Dyes section for the next week.

Concept Art Contest

The “Savage Swords and Noble Staves” RIFT Concept Art Contest was held back in April 2014 where RIFT players submitted their concept art for Capes, 2-Handed Staves and 2-Handed Swords.  All Winners’ entries can be found here.

These are now up on the Rift Store under the “Contest Winners” section.


Concept Art Contest Cape Store

The Capes cost 350 Credits each (315 for Patrons) and are giftable. These capes are:

  • Ascended Triumph by Koldir
  • Cloak of the Intrepid Knight by bobgarner
  • The Corolla of the Golden Rose by Eiphis
  • The Exhibitionist by BeaP
  • Cape of the Dragonslayer by Zyrenyti
  • Glasswing Shroud by Fioli
  • Cloak of the Void by Maximus Baldelus

2-Handed Staves

Concept Art Contest Staff Store

The 2-handed Staves cost 750 Credits each (675 for Patrons). These Staves are:

  • Scaled Spire by Likatnes
  • Webbed Rod by Amaradelmorann
  • Necrotic Relic by Mazzarah
  • Draconic Greatstaff by Good Salonius
  • Arc Staff by Mazzarah

2-Handed Swords

Concept Art Contest Sword Store

The 2-handed Swords cost 750 Credits each (675 for Patrons). These Swords are:

  • Gearblade by Zyrenyti
  • Shard of Runes by Artur
  • Skybreaker by jadhug

Wardrobe Contest

For the next week there are also wardrobe outfits from the recent Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Contest. These are available in the same section under Rift Store -> Wardrobe.

Dreaming of Summer Wardrobe Store

Each wardrobe 1,400 Credits (1,260 for Patrons). Wardrobes are:

  • Deity of Summer’s Bundle by Solaura@Greybriar
  • Summer Shimmy Bundle by Sylvaene@Wolfsbane
  • Crit Me Baby One More Time Bundle by PinkPrincess@Deepwood
  • Spellblade’s Bundle by Gweniffer@Faeblight
  • The Duck Wrangler’s Bundle by Gentlemans@Seastone

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  1. July 23, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    These skins are awesome tbh

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