RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #15

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #15 at 7:00AM PDT on 23rd July 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 24th July 2014 (EU).


  • Cross-Shard Chat Fix. Fix for players who disconnect from zones/shards that aren’t their home shard will no longer get ‘phantom’ chat.
  • Tooltip fix for soul trees talents.
  • Patron Pass additions.
    Further RIFT Patron Improvements

    • New Ability that grants 3 (according to PTS) Bonus Warfront/Dungeon Charges each week.
    • New Ability: Patron’s Radiance – Cosmetic ability that shows you are Patron. [Since it is an ability you can probably choose not to have it displayed].
    • New Ability: Experience Bonus Suppression – Stop Patron bonus exp. It’s a toggle ability aimed at players who don’t want to out-level their non-Patron friends.
    • New Abiliy: Bonus Daily Quests – A new passive added to show that Patrons get 10 additional daily quests. [This makes no changes to actual number. Patrons still get 40 Daily Quests limit].
  • Mage Arbiter and Stormcaller changes.
  • Rogue Physician changes.
  • Zones – Reduced frequency of Bloodfire Behemoth, Power of Nightmares and The Bloodfire Army zone events. Increased frequency of Volan event.
  • Bindings of Blood: Maelforge fixes.
  • Planebreaker Bastion: You can now do Krizzix and Inyr’Kta without defeating Warden Thrax or Proteus.


RIFT 2.7 Hot Fix #15 – 07/23/14GENERAL
* Fixed a crash that could occur with warfront announcers.
* Players disconnected from zones and shards they don’t return to on login will no longer get phantom chat from that zone or shard.
* Fixed a bug with the Soul Tree displaying the incorrect rank in some talent tooltips.

* NEW ABILITIES: Added new activated abilities increase the amount of bonus rewards available from Random Warfronts and Dungeons each week:
– Bonus Warfront Charges
– Bonus Dungeon Charges
* NEW ABILITY: Patron’s Radiance: This cosmetic only ability showcases how awesome you are for being a patron.
* NEW ABILITY: Experience Bonus Suppression: For those of you that want to take it slow, we’ve added a new toggled ability that allows the passive 40% experience gains to be suppressed!
* NEW PASSIVE: Bonus Daily Quests: Added new passive calling out that Patrons gain 10 additional daily quests!

* Recharging and Overheated debuffs can no longer be cleansed.STORMCALLER
* Tempest Armor and Storm Armor: Now last through death.
* Storm Armor: The knockback now only occurs against enemies within melee range of the Mage.
* Storm Locus: The short duration debuff now appears under the name Storm Fury in the combat log. The minute duration debuff portion of the ability still appears as Storm Locus.
* Lightning Arc: Fixed an issue causing this ability to sometimes be considered an instant ability.

* Alternative Treatment: Reduces healing and absorbs while active by 70% in PVP. PVE is unchanged.
* Active Treatment: Healing effectiveness is reduced by 10% in PVP.

* ZE: Reduced the frequency of the Bloodfire Behemoth, Power of Nightmares, and The Bloodfire Army zone events.

* Zone Event: Increased the frequency of the Volan zone event.

* Reduced the damage and health of the Nightmare Guards and Font in the Rising Depths zone event.


* Players will no longer see their purge button light up when Maelforge casts Eruption.
* The attack range for the Ra’Aran of Fate has been increased to allow for chloromancer healing during the second air phase.

* It is now possible to access the mini-boss and Inyr’Kta without first defeating Warden Thrax and Proteus.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 23rd JULY 2014

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