3 RIFT Livestreams Coming Friday/Saturday!

Four Livestreams Week Feature Image

This week has been packed with RIFT-related livestreams with MMORPG.com’s interview with Daglar yesterday and three further livestreams by Trion and Rift players being held on Friday and Saturday.

Be sure to check out:

MMORPG.com’s Livestream with Daglar

MMORPG.com’s Rob Lashley interviews and joins Daglar to reveal the Kitsune Mount, provide a brief look at Goboro Reef and talk about some of the recent additions to the game. This was held yesterday and a summary with screens can be found here.

Trion Worlds RIFT Livestream (Friday 1:30PM PDT)

Trion Worlds RIFT Livestream will be occurring on Friday 25th July 2014 at 1:30PM PDT Time (Countdown) (Time Converter). It is unknown what they will show off but it is slated for a 30min time-slot.

You can view Trion Worlds Twitch Channel here.

Be sure to hit the ‘Follow’ button on Trion’s Twitch page if you are interested in being eligible for the RIFT-related giveaways that they often hold during their livestreams.

Looks like Trion’s website issues may have affected their ability to hold a livestream today as it has been cancelled.

Intim’s RIFT Regatta

RIFT Livestreamer and Youtuber, Intim is holding a full day of RIFT-related livestreaming to raise the profile of RIFT on Twitch and get people interested/participating in the game. The livestream starts at 8AM BST (7AM GMT; 12AM PDT) on Saturday, 26th July 2014 (Countdown) (Time Converter).

Intim will be livestreaming a variety of acitvities including leveling, dungeons, mage class tips & tricks, raids, PvP and more! He will also be giving away a bunch of prizes including fluff, REX, 20x Patron Passes, Mounts, Hellbugs and Dream Soul Packs.

You can view Intim’s Twitch Channel here. Full information about his livestream can be found here.

Godlike Arena 5v5 PvP Tournament

An on-going 5v5 PvP Tournament hosted by RiftPvPLeague and Godlike Awesomeness will begin starting on Saturday 26th July 2014 at 6:30PM PDT (Countdown) (Time Converter). Matches will be held every Saturday and Tuesday until all matches in the 5v5 Round Robin-style Summer League Season are completed. A “RIFT World Cup PvP Tournament” will then be held based on ranks/seeding during the Round Robin.

RIFT Livestreamer and Youtuber, GrimGamerTV will be livestreaming the matches at 6:30PM PDT every Tuesday and Saturday starting from the 26th July. You can check out GrimGamerTV’s Twitch Channel here. Full information on the tournament including sign-up info can be found here.

Quite a few livestreams to tune into! Never fear though if you miss them as Twitch automatically records all livestreams. We will also have a Livestream Summary for Trion’s Livestream shortly after it finishes streaming. (Trion has cancelled this week’s livestream).

Interested in past Livestream Summaries of Trion’s RIFT-related streams? Check them out here!

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