PTS Update + Datamining for 25th July 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

A relatively small ~100MB update hit RIFT’s Public Test Shard for the 25th July 2014.

Quick Summary:

  • Some Auction House fixes and adjustments were made for the on-going testing on the PTS of the new Auction House system.
  • Further Mage Pyromancer Changes as follows:
    • Fusillade now gives 30 Charge on cast.
    • Flame Volley now gives 15 Charge on cast.
    • Increased the duration of Accelerant to 15s.
    • Increased the absorb value of Burning Shield. This ends up being a little over double the previous value for the shield.
    • Innate Charge now also gives Internalize Charge a 10/20/30% chance, when hit, to apply a shield that absorbs damage up to the value of 10% of the caster’s Maximum Health for 10s. This effect can occur up to once every 30s.
  • Slight changes to the 3.0 Prelude Quests that begin in Tempest Bay. Still bugged on the second quest although now Vincenzo is visible.
  • Datamined Kitsune Mount Icons. Possible Polar Bear Mount.
  • Datamining shows that small adjustments/fixes were made to Glacial Maw, Gyel Fortress and Nightmare Rifts based on the following files:
    • assets/map/glacial_maw/glacial_mawgamedata_0.pak
    • ep2_assets/map/gyel_fortress/gyel_fortressgamedata_0.pak
    • assets/map/nmrift/nmriftgamedata_0.pak


Datamined Kitsune Mount Icons

Not much new from the latest update except:

RIFT Kitsune Mount Icons

Looks like there’s 5 versions of the Kitsune Mounts that are slated for Patch 2.8: Madness Wakes. [r] (The white Kitsune Mount looks kind of derp).

Pulling images from past datamines and the most recent livestream with Daglar, they will all kind of look like the below:

RIFT Kitsune Mount 4

Note: This may be WIP because Daglar mentioned during the most recent livestream that the artists would kill him if he showed it off, which sounds to me like the mount isn’t 100% ready yet.

As for the other mounts, TehFrank datamined them quite a while ago and the below might give you a rough idea of what they look like when combined with the above Kitsune Mount image:

Datamine Kitstune Mount Skins

Possible Kitsune Mount Skins

These skins seem to match up quite nicely with the icons datamined today.

Interestingly we also have the below skin:

3.0 Datamine Polar Bear Skin

Possible Polar Bear Skin

Originally it was assumed to be an Arctic Wolf version of the Kistune Mount skin but given it is rather different from the other skins, this could in fact be a Polar Bear mob or mount. One of the reasons this is probably not a fox or wolf-related skin is because the fox/wolf has 4 claws (as per the various Kitsune Mount skins) whereas the above image has 5 claws.

Polar Bear Foot

Polar Bear Front Paws. Image Source: Vet School Problems.

Polar Bears also have 5 claws and TehFrank’s datamined files contained a file with an arctic polar bear name. The front paws and back paws are a very close match to the datamined skin.

Don’t get your hopes up though – even if the skin is for a Polar Bear Mount, it might just be a recolor of the Ursin/Panda Mounts.


Not much to show this time round with only an ~100mb update to the PTS. Still, it does confirm there’s multiple Kitsune Mounts coming in 2.8.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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