Trion Experiencing Platform Issues

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If you are currently experiencing issues logging into RIFT’s website or Forums, this is due to on-going platform issues that have arisen since 1:27AM PDT on 25th July 2014. CM Morgana has announced that they have been working on fixing this issue for several hours now but have yet to find a solution. Given there have been no further updates by CM Morgana (and I am unable to login to the forums myself), it seems the issue is still on-going.

Hi all,

As some of you have reported, our platform is clearly having a rough night. This is manifesting as failed website logins, inability to apply codes to accounts, and other related issues.

While our Operations Team is investigating the platform issues, they’ve been working on it for a few hours already and have not determined a solution yet. It’s likely these issues will persist through the night (PDT) and we’ll follow up on them in the morning. Thanks for bearing with the website problems in the interim!

[Source: CM Morgana]


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