News Tidbits 28th July 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 28th July 2014:

  • Mage Stormcaller Fix – Living Storm will last 16 seconds for all ranks with this week’s hotfix. [r]
  • Warrior Soul Changes: Changes to attempt to even out ranged/melee soul dps across callings. These are up on the PTS now. [r]
    • Paragon: Shifting Blades – Damage reduced to 20/40/60% based on combo points used.
    • Tempest: Arc – Damage reduced to 20/40/60% based on combo points used. Removed the 50% damage reduction in PvP.
    • Warlord: Reverted change to Battle Surge and Tactical Surge that was on PTS.
  • Blighted Antechamber Warfront Changes: Kerilar has added a few changes to the Warfront coming with this week’s hotfix: [r]
    • Fixed “Triple Threat” and “Master of War” Achievements.
    • Flag-runners will no longer be able to go to The Spire whilst they have their flag to encourage flag-runners to actually run flags instead of sit at Spire to prevent the other team from capping.
    • The Spire (middle capture point) will generate less points than Cul-De-Sac and Blind Alley since it already provides the advantage of position and visibility.
    • There will now be more visible elements to show where you need to cap your flag and if you can do so. (You cannot cap your flag if the other team has your flag).
  • Concept Art Contest: Marigold has indicated that Trion is probably going to add a one-handed version of the Concept Art Contest in the future. [r]
  • Glyph Issues: If you are constantly asked to re-download Glyph when you open the Glyph Client, try restarting Glyph and seeing if it actually does re-download. Last week Glyph was officially updated 4 times during the week – one on Wednesday, two on Thursday and one on Friday. As such if you experienced having to re-download Glyph a lot last week, the official updates may be the reason. However if you are still having issues, please contact Lead Glyph Engineer Aahz at with the contents of your %LOCALAPPDATA%\Glyph\Logs. [r]


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