New Limited Edition: Archeum Trove up next 4 days

ArcheAge Feature Image

[IMG Source: ArcheAge]

There’s a new Limited Edition: Archeum Trove that can be found both in the featured page of the Rift Store as well as under Rift Store -> Chests & Keys. They cost 700 Credits each (630 for Patrons).

Archeum Trove Info

This Trove is temporarily up on the Rift Store for another 3 days and 5 hours as of this post (NA) and contains the usual items for a transcendent-rarity lockbox including a rare chance at Tier 2 Raid accessories and Heart of the Planebreaker (Tier 2 Relic upgrade piece).

However, the unique stuff it has includes:

  • Rare chance at White Dire Riding Squirrel;
  • Rare chance at Archeum Founder’s Packs.

White Dire Riding Squirrel

RIFT White Dire Riding Squirrel Mount

The White Dire Riding Squirrel uses – as you’d expect – the squirrel mount model. It has VFX just like the planar squirrel mounts so you’ll notice some light blue glowing effects between its ears and on its tail.

Interestingly the tooltip states “Bind on pickup” which seems to be wrong given that this mount is coming out of a Credits-only lockbox and therefore should be a Premium Mount (i.e. Account-wide, Bind on Equip). My guess is that the tooltip is for the mount itself and not the consumable item which you will most likely receive.

Archeum Founder’s Pack

Archeum Founder's Pack RIFT

This is a new thing that Trion has never done before – give a founder’s pack to a different game as a possible drop from a lockbox in RIFT. Interestingly it does say “Consumable” so either it is auto-consumed or it could be tradeable.

The Archeum Founder’s Pack is the most expensive pack for the Western release of ArcheAge, a F2P MMORPG by XLGames in Korea that is being published in the West by Trion. It costs $150 and comes with:

  • Alpha and Beta Access
  • 11,250 Credits (ArcheAge Credits which costs $75)
  • 4-day Patron Head Start
  • Title: “Trailblazer”
  • 90-Day Patron Status
  • 6 Daru Chests (ArcheAge lockboxes)
  • 10 Evenstones; 10 Hereafter Stones
  • Glass Phoenix Glider
  • Desert Assassin Platemail
  • Reagents to put your own crest in-game
  • 10 Pet Healing Pots
  • Founder’s Cloak

Note: Everything mentioned above for the Archeum Founder’s Pack is for ArcheAge so stuff like Credits and Patron aren’t RIFT-related.

You can find out more at the ArcheAge Store here.


This is certainly an interesting move by Trion, to advertise a game they don’t own (but publish in the West) which is also a F2P MMORPG. That said, the hubbub that might rise from this Archeum Founder’s Pack might be the free advertising Trion needs to get the word out for ArcheAge amongst its RIFT player base.

They’ll not only generate a lot of money from players buying the Troves in the hopes of getting the Founder’s Pack, but also from those who will now learn about ArcheAge and perhaps look at buying the pack directly from the ArcheAge website.

It is just strange that they would do such a promotion for games in the same genre, with relatively similar F2P models.

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