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Bctrainers holds 10x RIFT 3.0 Beta Key Contest on RIFT Reddit

New 10x RIFT 3.0 Beta Keys giveaway available from the RIFT Subreddit thanks to Bctrainers! This is a contest involving posting about why you should get the beta key so for those who aren’t into the 100% rng of some of the other 3.0 Beta Key giveaways, check this one out! Good luck!

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Massively talks PAX Prime 2014: RIFT Nightmare Tide

Massively provides some tidbits on RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide after Trion’s 6hr media-only booth at PAX Prime. Skelf eggs and some of the other parts of the expansion touched on including zone size, mentoring up and verticality.

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Intim holds 3.0 Beta Key Giveaway

Intim is holding a Nightmare Tide Beta Key Giveaway! Check out his video and leave your name@shard in the youtube comments section of that video to enter!

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Nightmare Tide Release Date Announced: Oct 8th!

RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Release Date announced! Coming Oct 8th!

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News Tidbits 29th August 2014 – Trion at PAX + 3.0 Water Jumping Gif

Trion goes to PAX Prime and MikeD shows off a change to jumping out of water – improved height! RIFT News Tidbits 29th August 2014.

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Tropical Budgie Mount Giveaway Winner

RiftGrate held a Tropical Budgie Mount Giveaway from 21st till 28th August 2014! We received 215 legit entries! With so many entries we might need to step up the prizes next time so that everyone gets some greater odds to win. Keep an eye out next week as we *might* have something special in store!

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Guide: Nightmare Coast

Stuck on one of the bosses to the latest Nightmare Coast (60-63) dungeon? Is Lord Arak’s fight too confusing and messed up? Check out RiftGrate’s Nightmare Coast dungeon guide!

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“Into the Rift” Podcast holds 3.0 Beta Key Giveaway!

“Into the Rift” Podcast holds 3.0 Nightmare Tide Beta Key Giveaway! Comment in their thread on the Rift forums with their question about what you would like to test for the 3.0 Beta before 7th September 9AM PDT to enter! They will also be holding their second episode of their podcast at 1PM PDT on the same day, talking about the ins and outs of testing Rift content with special guest Bctrainers/Adustumm.

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News Tidbits 27th August 2014

Hannes Schonian has a great cosplay of the Ceremonial Bundle in RIFT; Warden Changes coming with next week’s hotfix; RR becomes a Dev; Trion @ PAX “Trion Community Party” reminder; more on Oculus Rift support. RIFT News Tidbits: 27th August 2014

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RoughRaptors is a new Dev!

Long-time RIFT player and hardcore raider RoughRaptors has become a dev! Introducing Dev SupermanSocks!

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