Speculation: Re-Exploring the Auction House

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With RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes announced for August 6th, it’s now only a few days left before the patch hits. If the new Auction House System is added in on Wednesday’s patch, what will happen to the RIFT economy?

Back in June I wrote a speculation piece “Speculation: Time to take a dump?” where I go over a bit of what the new Auction House will bring and predict where prices will end up after it is added in. In summary, prices would drop – not only due to the new features coming in with the Auction House changes, but also because we are edging closer to a new expansion and players will be off-loading old materials. You can check out that article here.

My speculation more or less still holds.

  • Partial Stack Selling will allow players to dump excess materials with minimal effort without having to worry about stack size. Players will no longer be able to put up smaller stacks for a higher price hoping that buyers will purchase their smaller stacks, even at a dearer price. The only thing you will be able to compete on is price – stack size becomes irrelevant.
  • Relisting expired auction listings via in-game mail will make selling easier for players, potentially leading to higher numbers of listings than we have seen previously.
  • The looming 3.0 Expansion will cause players to dump current materials since they are unlikely to be used in 3.0 and the new Savant level of crafting. This inevitably leads to much higher supply than there is demand.

A few qualifiers need to be made, however, that you should take note of:

  • With 2.8 being the prelude to 3.0, we may end up experiencing a surge of new and returning players. Depending on their gear, they may choose to build up some crafted gear to get ready for 3.0, increasing demand for current mats.
  • Existing players may choose to expand their number of crafting professions to prepare for 3.0. This would drive up demand for current mats.
  • Buy Orders could very well provide a new ‘floor’ that might dampen any collapse in price. I.e. Resellers could check the Price History chart and put Buy Orders that are slightly lower than the average price. If someone decides to dump their mats, Buy Orders will automatically scoop them up, keeping the lowest price on the Auction House higher than it would have been without Buy Orders.
  • Price History Charts may encourage sellers to ‘wait it out’ and sell at the average price.

That said, partial stack selling will likely change the economic landscape in the game with sellers no longer being able to sell at a dearer price, but with more desirable stacks sizes. This will inevitably cause prices to drop – at least in the short term.

The Auction House won’t be cross-shard when the new system launches in 2.8, but Daglar has mentioned he would like to have cross-shard AH at some point. No doubt the economy will change up a bit once cross-shard is enabled and I’m sure all those players currently benefiting from price variations across shards will miss the easy profits the current system brings.

What do you think? Have you been dumping your resources lately or do you think the new Auction House system will actually be more profitable than the old?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the new Auction House system – it is currently available for testing on the PTS and Senior UI Artist Gingers went over what the new Auction House system contains when she showed off concept mock-ups in a Livestream from last month. We’ve got a Livestream Summary of it here.

Brace yourself for 2.8, and may profits continue to shine on upon you!

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One Comment on “Speculation: Re-Exploring the Auction House”

  1. Smugkitty
    August 3, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Will be interesting to see what happens that’s for sure!

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