Bindings of Blood: Maelforge Kill Video

Bindings of Blood Maelforge Feature Image

Congratulations to -Vendetta- on the Greybriar (NA) shard for getting World First Tier 3 Raid – Bindings of Blood: Maelforge at 9PM PDT on August 4th 2014! They are currently the first and only guild to complete all Raid Tiers that are currently available in the game. Grats on World First Storm Legion!

[Progression Ranking: BoB: Maelforge]

-Vendetta- and Trinity have posted their kill videos below from multiple prespectives:

-Vendetta- @ Greybriar

Warrior Tank Perspective – RoughRaptors video by RoughtRaptors of -Vendetta-.
[WARNING: Harsh Language (at start & end of vid)]

Cleric Warden Prespective – Ahov video by Ahov of -Vendetta-.

Trinity @ Greybriar

Chloromancer Heal Perspective – Deew video by Deew of Trinity.

Crayons @ Greybriar

Cleric Warden Perspective – Lythrum video by Lythrum of Crayons.

Loot Dropped (from Vendetta’s World First Kill):

Mythical Anger Maelforge Drop Melted Motley Metal Mantle Maelforge Drop

Drops were The Mythical Anger, Melted Motley Metal Mantle and Soul of the Bloodstorm (Tier 3 relic upgrade component).

Trinity received The Mythical Razing Vengeance from their World 2nd Kill:

RIFT The Mythical Razing Vengeance Maelforge Drop

You can find videos, guides and other information to all Bindings of Blood Raid Encounters below:

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