News Tidbits 5th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 5th August 2014:

  • Warrior Reaver Changes to become DPS Soul will be coming to the PTS “veddy, veddy soon” – Vladd. [It will likely come out after Patch 2.8 hits on LIVE as Vladd previously mentioned he would wait until after the Stable 2.8 version on PTS before uploading the changes.]
  • Patron Ability: Bonus Random Dungeon Charges is getting a fix so that it mentions it is for Expert Dungeons only. Fix will be in with Patch 2.8. [r]
  • Notoriety Progress Bar – Low priority but if they implement this “it would be a right-click option on one of the xp bars to swap it and instead of xp display notoriety”. [r] In the mean-time you can use the Gadgets Addon which includes a “Faction Panel”.
  • Crafting Improvement in the Works – Some time in the future, Trion plans to add the ability to purchase craft reagents directly from the Craft UI. This will be done through a button that will be displayed next to any reagents that you can purchase from the RIFT Store when viewing craft recipes in your Craft UI.

    Instead of taking you to the RIFT Store though, you are taken directly to the slider (where you choose how much of the item you want and then purchase it). No ETA, and no solid promises that it will actually be added. [r]

  • Look-Up Dyes – UI Engineer had started working on the ability to see what dyes an item has used but found that it would be a very time-consuming project. It has been pushed back, but may be worked on in the future. [r]
  • Minions (3.0) – Techie Will on the forums has mentioned an additional tidbit about Minions – they are account-bound. [r]

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