Nightmare Tide Preview Article

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image’s Neilie Johnson has added a write-up about their recent visit to Trion Worlds where they previewed some of Nightmare Tide (specifically Goboro Reef).

You can find the article here.


  • After Luminous Passage and Atragarian Well, the Goboro Reef zone emerges into dry land.
  • The zone has ‘water chunks’ with ‘water doors’. The water moves up-and-down rather than side-to-side. These ‘water chunks’ are due to Goboro Reef being gradually drained of water thanks to the Bloodfire invaders.
  • Rust Harbor area – filled with shipwrecks.
  • Draumheim will be the ‘dream zone’.

Also, two new images:

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Nightmare Rift

Nightmare Rift Concept Art.

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Sea Colossus

Sea Colossus Concept Art.


You can check out more information about RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide here.

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