News Tidbits 7th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 7th August 2014:

  • Nightmare Coast Dungeon Fixes Inc: A few changes will be hitting up the new Nightmare Coast Dungeon next week: [r]
    • Lord Arak fight will no longer have forced camera.
    • Trash mobs’ damage will drop by 10-20%.
    • Once Dalraak is defeated, a portal will open at his platform connecting it to the entrance so that players who respawn can get back to the final boss quicker.
    • Achievement bugs fixed – they should all be rewarded correctly now.
  • Auction House: Daglar has stated he will check with his engineers whether they can potentially make it so that relisting items will cost a lower, non-refundable deposit fee. No ETA or concrete affirmation of it actually happening. [r]
  • Debilitate Fixes: Vladd has gone through all Warrior and Rogue abilities and corrected those abilities that weren’t being affected by the debilitate crowd-control. Will come in next week’s patch (unless another hotfix hits sooner than Wednesday). [r]
  • Addon Changes: For anyone who makes or updates addons; they’ve added a lot of additions to the Auction API for the new AH. Also added functionality to get and move map waypoints and the ability to watch achievements as well as quests. [r]


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