MikeD teases Nightmare Rifts – ‘Behind the Scene’ look

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

MikeD posted this interesting teaser of the devs working on Nightmare Rifts on his twitter page:

Behind the Scenes Nightmare Rift

  •  The center is the Nightmare Rift with the rings possibly being where different objects spawn. There seems to be plenty of pick-up or interact-with items with the bottom-middle of the image showing what looks to be the upgrade items that TehFrank previously datamined.
  • Bottom-left is clearly Lord Arak. At the very top is a whole slew of mobs. You can see water elementals, serpents, skelfs, mermaids, fire elementals and Griffons; amongst other mobs.

Not a huge reveal or anything, but it does potentially show the amount of work and objects added in for a Nightmare Rift.

He also teased the following:

Lord Arak Eyes

“Lord Arak has eyes on you…” [r] – Either this is just an expression or the numerous eyes you see in nightmare-related content are in fact connected to Lord Arak.

Does this mean that all the eyes on the Tribulation Soldiers and the Nightmare Weapons/Armors are connected to Lord Arak via those eyes? Perhaps – like what the tribulation soldier looks like – Lord Arak’s minions might ‘infect’ creatures and objects, implanting eyes and other abominations onto them in order to control and monitor them and their surroundings.

It will be interesting to see if Trion are planning a lore piece write-up to explain the eyes and other abominations.

Fancy a run-down of the latest 3.0 news? You can check them out here.

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One Comment on “MikeD teases Nightmare Rifts – ‘Behind the Scene’ look”

  1. Eltoasto
    August 9, 2014 at 7:56 pm #

    Haha I love that pic, it’s like a board game

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