News Tidbits 9th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 9th August 2014:

  • Warrior Reaver Changes to become DPS Soul will be coming to the PTS “next week” after letting QA test it a bit. [r]
  • Auction House: As well as the listing %/duration changes and the Buy Order Slot Extensions introduced in Hotfix #2, Gingers is also introducing an option “later this month” where your entered price’s default setting will be switchable with a drop-down menu with Suggested Price, My Last Price or Blank. [r]
  • Daglar is also maintaining his stance that he would like to “see what happens after a week before making more major changes”. [r]
  • Also, a loyalty item that would give some Buy Order Slot Extensions is “under consideration” by Daglar:

    This is something that is under consideration LithaAurora. I won’t promise a time or date on it but I’ve heard team members discussing this over the last week. [r]

  • Great Hunt Rift Drop Rates: According to MikeD, Greater Essence drop rates for Great Hunt Rifts should not have changed, although he is looking into it just in case something unexpected occurred. [r]


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