RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #2

Hotfix Feature Image

Trion is updated RIFT with RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #2 as at 1:00PM PDT on 9th August 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 10th August 2014 (EU). 119.3MB update.


  • No more ??? resurrections.
  • Rift Store – You can purchase more Buy Order slots from the Auction House under Rift Store -> Services. Costs 100 Credits each (90 for Patrons); max 60.
    Buy Order Slot Extension
  • Auction House Changes
    • Player confirmation now required when creating or relisting items that require a large, non-refundable listing fee.
    • Seller names now included in listings.
    • Auction Listing and Buy Orders have new durations and costs (costs are listed price, not vendor price like pre-2.8):
      • 0.75% for 12hrs
      • 2% for 48hrs
      • 5% for 7 days
  • Soul Changes: Warrior and Rogue abilities now consistent in how they are affected by debilitate. Also Bard’s Virtuoso is now 60s CD instead of 120s.
  • Bindings of Blood: Maelforge – Now has a Hardmode version with new achievement, title and additional piece of equipment dropped. Achieve found under Achievements -> Raids -> Bindings of Blood.
    It Hurts So Good Achievement
  • Nightmare Coast Dungeon fixes and nerfs.


RIFT 2.8 Hot Fix #2 – 08/09/14

No longer will you be resurrected by mystery players! The name of the person who resurrects you will now properly display again.

* Additional Buy Order slots for the Auction House are now available for purchase on the Store.

* Creating an auction with a large deposit now requires player confirmation before it goes through. This also applies to relisting items from an expired auction mail.
* In the Browse and Create tabs of the Auction House, the seller name has been added back in. It displays under the item name.
* Auction Listings and Buy Orders have new durations – 12 hours, 48 hours, and 7 days.
* You can no longer abandon buy orders by transferring to another server.
* Auction Listings and Buy Orders have new costs – 0.75% for 12 hours, 2% for 48 hours, and 5% for 7 days.

* All Warrior and Rogue abilities are now consistent in how they are affected by debilitate.


* Virtuoso: Now a 60s cooldown instead of 120s.


* This raid now contains a hard mode option which offers a new achievement, title, and an additional piece of equipment if succeeded.

* Fixed an issue preventing Dalraak and dungeon completion from granting achievements.
* Reduced the damage dealt by certain trash NPCs and Whirling Death
* Reduced the health of Dalraak’s summoned tears by 50%

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 9th AUGUST 2014

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