News Tidbits 11th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 11th August 2014:

  • Auction House Changes:
    • Ready to Fulfill Only” checkbox under Buy Orders tab currently searches your inventory, but in the future will search your bank as well. [r]
    • Trion are looking into potentially adding a way so that when in the create tab, you will be able to see current listings for the item you are creating an auction for. (currently it shows all your current auction listings). [r]
    • Currently there’s a bug where Lock Box Keys are found under Misc category. Devs have been made aware of this. [r]
    • In the future, Buy Orders will have playernames. [r]
  • Still stuck on what Lord Arak means? Captain Cursor revealed further information about Lord Arak. He was named using Chocolate (Classic RIFT) and Storm Legion knowledge [r] and that Arak is “a nightmare, born of the fears that the Telarans have had these past few mad years. He is not the Akvan king, when 3.0 comes out you’ll meet him.” [r] Check out the thread here and take a guess at what Lord Arak means!
  • About Health Pools on PTS – The recent PTS Update on 7th August 2014 saw a large boost to health for players, especially non-tanks. Kervik has tempered guesses by stating that there will be changes to our health pools and several other stats, but that these changes are intended for 3.0. They are currently in a half-finished state on the pts and more info about what Trion are intending with stats will be made “some time soon-ish, once they’re more finished and ready for people to do testing with”. [r]
  • Datamining Guide – TehFrank has posted a guide to how to datamine the Public Test Shard for anyone interested. You can find it here. Thanks to TehFrank for datamining the PTS and providing this guide!

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