News Tidbits 13th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 13th August 2014:

  • Shadows bug: With the optimization of shadows that hit with Patch 2.8, certain players are discovering their shadows are bugged out. Specifically, there is a known problem with SLI/Crossfire graphics card set-ups. Trion is aware of the issue and they are working on a fix. In the meantime, turn off shadows. If you aren’t using an SLI/Crossfire graphics card set-up and you are experiencing problems with shadows, make sure to update your graphics card drivers. [r]
  • Epic Greater Essence Loot Tables: MikeD has gotten back to the community about Epic Greater Essence droprates. There has been no change to loot tables and after checking the logs, the essences are dropping at the same rate as before the patch. (As they say, ‘RNG is RNG’). [r]
  • Auction House – The ability to choose what price your listings default to is coming next week. This means choosing between Recommended Price, Previously-Listed Price and Blank Price. [r]
  • Target & GAME(UK) RIFT Card Bonus – CM Ocho has apologized for any issues with those who purchased cards immediately after Trion’s article went up. “Unfortunately this article went live before the promotion was ready”. However, Trion will make sure that all those who purchased RIFT cards at Target or GAME UK in-between the article popping up and the promotion actually being activated, will get their bonus spectral supply crate applied to their account. [r]
    Instead of taking you to the RIFT Store though, you are taken directly to the slider (where you choose how much of the item you want and then purchase it). No ETA, and no solid promises that it will actually be added. [r]
  • Patron on Account Creation – Trion are testing out the addition of a free 5-day Patron for new accounts. RIFT forum user 7A65726F discovered this when he created a new account and CM Ocho has since replied that they are testing this out and – depending on results – might make it a permanent feature. [r]
  • <Most Wanted> Bounty Mob Guide – RIFT forum user LowlyJoker has created a thread here with a new in-the-works guide for where to find <Most Wanted> Bounty Mobs. When you kill these mobs whilst mentored around their level, you will receive a Bounty Artifact of the mob’s type. The Guide is a Google Doc that allows contributions from other players so it could expand quite rapidly over the coming weeks.

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