Flappy Fish or somesuch.

Flappy Fish Feature Image

RIFT Lead Content Designer “MikeD” has posted a short Vine (6sec clip) of a fish flopping about in the Plane of Water. Not much, but gives you some idea of the animation they are putting into the expansion (at least for this particular fish). Poor fishy.

Here’s a Gif version I created of the vid (lower fps + colors/quality to reduce file size):

Flappy FishDirect Link to Video: https://vine.co/v/M3xxg67ZWvx

(Note: If you can’t access Vine via Firefox browser, try another browser like Chrome.)

Is it a death animation? Or does the fish just do that? Perhaps this is one of those ‘dry’ land portions of Goboro Reef that fish without legs can’t survive in?

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