RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #4

Hotfix Feature Image

Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #4 as at 7:30AM PDT on 20th August 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 21st August 2014 (EU). Update is 121.8MB.


  • Budgie Madness Promo Week is back. Starts 3:30PM Server Time August 21st. There’s a new ‘Lovely Budgie’ Mounts from Limited Edition: Budgie Troves (Pink Budgies). Umbral, Ashen and Frosty Budgie Mounts are all available via Bird Seed from PRI Quartermasters. Click here for a guide to the Budgie Madness Promo Week (guide will be updated with info on the Lovely Budgie Mount).
    • Start Time: 21st August 3:30PM ST (NA: TCCD) (EU: TCCD)
    • End Time: 28th August 3:30PM ST (NA: TCCD) (EU: TCCD)
  • You can now take a screenshot with UI hidden via CTRL+P instead of having to manually hide your UI (via default key CTRL+U).
  • Auction House: Reduced deposit costs for both auctions and buy orders of all durations. New costs are as follows:
    • Short (12hrs): From 0.75% to 0.5%
    • Medium (48hrs): From 2% to 1.5%
    • Long (7 days): From 5% to 3.5%
  • Auction House: Now a drop-down selector to choose your default price when creating auctions/buy orders. Suggested Price or My Last Price.
  • Soul Changes: Mage Pyromancer nerfs; Warlock tooltip fix.
  • Nightmare Coast Dungeon mobs and bosses now do 50% less damage.

RIFT 2.8 Hot Fix #4 – 08/20/14

The Budgies are Back – in Pink!
New Lovely Budgie mounts can be acquired from Limited Edition: Budgie Troves, available on the Rift Store and by completing the achievement Chicken Run! Umbral, Ashen, and Frosty Budgies can be purchased with Bird Seed, obtained from the Limited Edition: Budgie Trove and by completing daily quests in Silverwood, Freemarch, Pelladane, and Cape Jule.

This event starts at 3:30 PM server time on August 21st, and ends at 3:30 PM server time on August 28th!

* Fixed an issue where fishing could be interrupted continuously.

* A new way to take beautiful screenshots has been added! By default, Control + P will now take a screenshot with your UI hidden rather than having to hide it manually. You can rebind this ability in the keybindings window.
* Fixed an issue causing faraway objects to be permanently shadowed.
* The main map now works correctly while using the low-quality renderer.

* Due to the increased volume of successful auction house sales, we have reduced the deposit costs for both auctions and buy orders of short, medium, and long durations.
* There is now a dropdown selector in the Auction House that will let you specify the default price you want to see for items when you are creating auctions and buy orders. Suggested price will give you a recommended price from our servers and My Last Price will give you the prices you used when you last created an auction with this item.



* Cinder Burst: Reduced damage done.
Accelerant: This debuff now increases damage taken by 2/4/6/8%. Down from 3/6/9/12%.

* Expanded Contagion: This talent no longer references Combust.


* Mobs and bosses in the standard version of Nightmare Coast now deal 50% less damage in order to bring them in line with standard dungeon difficulty.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 20th AUGUST 2014

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  1. August 19, 2014 at 6:07 pm #


  2. Xxii
    August 20, 2014 at 3:04 am #

    Yay, Umbral Budgie ! Sadly I have only 50 Bird Seeds atm.

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