News Tidbits 20th August 2014

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 20th August 2014:

  • Getting an Error #1011 after the recent PTS update? Go to your Glyph launcher and right-click the RIFT icon and select ‘Repair’. Hopefully that fixes things up! [r]
  • Weekly Unstable Events Spotlights. RIFT player RubyEclipse posted an interesting suggestion to add a system where the spawn rate of Unstable Events for a particular zone is increased significantly for a week. Each week, either Trion or players will vote on the zone. Dead Simon has responded stating that he liked the idea and would look into doing something similar after 3.0 hits. [r]
  • Morban Zone Event Frequency Up. MikeD has increased zone event frequency temporarily for Morban. [r]
  • Auction House: Gingers has stated that auction times (12hrs, 48hrs, 7 days) will not change at present. Also, a reminder that with the latest hotfix there is now a drop-down that allows you to choose between Suggested Price, My Last Price and Blank when creating auctions or buy orders. This is found in the left-hand column:
    Price Default Drop-down
  • Auction House Data: Pithos has confirmed that there’s been improvements made to optimize the auction code so that requests for data is faster – resulting in a faster AH for most players.
    He also gave a small amount of data in regards to the before-and-after of the AH changes since 2.8: [r]
    • Comparing 2:30PM August 4th to Midnight August 11th, on Greybriar:
    • Auctions won up 2.5%;
    • Including Buy Orders, no. of transactions up 8%;
    • On a full-day basis (midnight to midnight), no. of auctions won was down 4.5%. However, add in Buy Orders and the no. of transactions was up 0.4%.
    • (Note: Partial Auction Buyouts are not included in the above numbers. Only listings that have been fully bought out are included.)


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