Daglar Announces Dungeon/Warfront Charges to Auto-Complete

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Daglar has announced news that – prior to 3.0 – Trion will be changing Dungeon and Warfront charged quests so that when you complete them, they will auto-complete and auto-reward their rewards. This effectively removes them from the ‘diamond icon’ reward stack (that stacks up to 10). For Warfronts with a choice of currency, that choice will be removed. Chances are, the PvP currencies will probably merge into a single currency for this to work out.

What does this mean for me?

  • With the removal of Daily Dungeon and Daily Warfront Quest Rewards from the Reward Stack, you will no longer be able to efficiently use Rift Store boosts by popping one after you have max stack rewards.
  • Bonus % (exp, mark currency/etc) gear gained from lockboxes will become less useful. For Dungeons, you will need to switch to your bonus gear set before last boss for the rewards to be affected by your bonus gear. For Warfronts there is no option if bolstering still exists since your bonus gear will be bolstered to PvP gear.
Bonus Set Gear

Bonus Set Gear

So why is this being added in?

The change is likely aimed to prevent players from stacking charges prior to 3.0 release. It might also be used to encourage players to rely on passive boosts like from a Patron subscription, or to target whales who will keep Boosts up for long periods of time in order to make up for the reduction of sales from regular players who choose not to buy Boosts anymore due to the change.

Boosts Stored

Boosts Stored

It could also be Trion’s attempt to reduce all the stored up Boosts that many players have in their banks by forcing them to use them over a greater length of time to receive the same benefits as before. Some players have quite a lot of Boosts stored up, such as the 7x and 3x Transcendent ‘Trion Apology’ Boost Packs, Classic RIFT Boosts, Patron Gift-dropped Boosts and Mayhem in Mathosia Boosts. Perhaps Trion is hoping to reduce these stocks so more players will spend on new Boosts.

There may also be optimization reasons for the change because – as some of you may notice – whenever guild quest, zone event objectives are updated or you turn in other quests, the ‘Reward Stack’ icon seems to ‘reset’/’flash’. This might be linked to the previous issues of immense fps reductions when zone event objectives are updated whilst you have your achievement window open (for those with achievements greater than 14-16k).

Interested in voicing your opinion?

What do you think of the change? Is it a step in the right direction, or does it negatively affect you? Check out the thread and Daglar’s post here:

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